How to Judge a Good Web Designer?

Business owners that are looking for getting a website designed must do a thorough market survey and select the best website designer, who gives them value for money and helps them achieve the desired objectives. While considering a website designer or website developer, there are two aspects that you must focus on: his technical expertise and the soft skills.

While you can be certain of one’s technical expertise by browsing through their website, work portfolio and by communicating with their clients, you still need to ensure how well they communicate with you. The way a web designer interacts with his clients suggests how well he knows the business and the skills of handling his clients.

When planning to hire a web designer or developer, you must consider the following points to ascertain that you are making the right choice:

  • Website designer or a Graphic Designer: It might be shocking for you, but there are many graphic designers who claim to be website designers, without knowing the actual difference between the two domains. Such designers end up creating beautiful and visually appealing websites, using high-quality images and graphics, but without any functionality. Such websites can only be seen as a piece of art and are of no use for businesses looking to promote their products and services on the Web.
  • Does my web designer understand my business? It is important that your web designer has good business knowledge. This is important as only a website developer who understands your business will be able to come up with a website design that suits your business and your industry. Your website should send the right signals to your existing and potential customers. If you make products for left hand basket weavers and all the images depicted on your website show people using right hands then your prospective customers may take offence. OK I hear you, the example I chose is a bad one but I am sure you understood my point. You have to make sure that your website designer understands your target market.
  • Lateral thinking is the key:  Your website developer should be able to think laterally. Website designers should be able to improvise. They should be able to develop a website that can stand out from others. Website developers should be able to develop functionality and features that give distinct identity to your business. Think about your website as your sales person. Would you hire a sales person who is un-imaginative and is unable to differentiate your products and services from competition? The answer I am sure is No. So why would you have a website that is similar to thousand others.
  • Do you believe in relationships? You will have a long-term relationship with your website developer. Thus, it is very important that your website designer believes in forming long-term relationships with the client. As your business grows and your website becomes popular, you will want to add new features to your website and it could be very costly if you cannot get the original website developer who built your site to update it for you. That’s why it is important to ensure that you can work with your web designer for the long-term.
  • Examples of website designs: The first thing to do when you meet a web design expert is to see his previous work. This not only shows his website design skills but also tells the customer they are dealing with a web development firm or web designer that/who has experience and skills to fulfil their web design needs. This is probably the most important aspect to be considered. If the web designer you are dealing with doesn’t have any work to show you, or they cannot produce a few websites they have done entirely by themselves, you should be careful in dealing with them. When you look at the work portfolio, consider the following questions- What do their website development portfolio tells you? Are the web designs clean and professional? Are the websites easy to navigate?
  • Get some references: Some people might ask about the validity of this point ( as they may say that their needs are totally different to other businesses). The reason you should always talk to the previous clients of the website design firm you are dealing with is to ensure that you are getting what you have been promised. Talking to previous clients will tell you about their experiences. Some questions you should ask the past clients of the website development firm you are dealing with are:
    1. How are the communication skills of the web designer?
    2. Was the website development process easy for them?
    3. Did they get the right support and guidance from the website development firm?
    4. Was the website delivered on time?
    5. Were clients involved in every stage of the website design process?
    6. Did they receive good service from the website design firm?

To ensure that you don’t make a mistake by hiring the web designer who doesn’t understand you and whose work you don’t fully understand, you must consider the above discussed points and make an informed decision.

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