Why Bad Quality Links Affect SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important traffic generation methods for most online businesses. For many businesses SEO can drive over 80% of the traffic to their website and so it’s important to understand the fundamentals of Website Optimisation.

How Does A Search Engine Work?

Search Engines on a very basic level combine a number of on page and off page optimisation techniques to analyses where your site should rank for a given keyword. If your site has quality content, is built well and has relevant high quality links then it will rank well.

Why Do Bad Quality Links Affect SEO?

Simply put, when a site links to your site it is like a recommendation that your site is a quality site that people and search engines should trust. If a site which is considered “bad” by search engine’s recommend the site then this recommendation can actually negatively affect your site.

Think about it like this: On Monday you visit a store on the recommendation of your friend and that store rips you off significantly. You end up losing over $500 in the transaction and generally you are very unhappy about it. The next time that friend recommends a store you are highly unlikely to listen to the recommendation.

The scenario above is very similar to a search engine; they have sites which they don’t like, sites that may have broken search engine rules. If these sites link to you then the recommendation will result in a negative link for your business. While it’s important to get links to your site you need to get links that are of a high quality and achieve the results of your business.

Unfortunately SEO is not about getting many links; it’s about getting quality, relevant links. If Search Engine Optimisation was just about number of links then it would be easy. To ensure you are getting the right kind of links in your website optimisation plan the best thing to look for is their page rank.

The higher the page rank of the site the better quality link they can provide for SEO purposes. Remember, Search Engine Optimisation can drive high quality and large volumes of traffic to your site when done correctly.

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