Your Involvement in the Website Development Process as a Customer

Web Design and development is a very involved process and you, as the owner of a business getting the website design, have a very important role to play. Many customers come to me and say that they don’t know much about web design and thus are not sure how they can participate in web design or website development process. I suggest to them that any website designer or website developer would prefer to work with a customer who knows that he or she has limited knowledge in website design but are experts in their own profession.

As a business owner, you are expected to know your business, your clients and the direction you want to take your business to. As long as you are able to communicate this to your web designer or website developer, you should not have any issues in undertaking the exciting journey of website development. After all, your website will fast become the first point of contact for your customers and will open new markets for your business.

When getting your website developed, it is your responsibility to communicate the following points to your website designer or developer:

  • What target market do you want to concentrate on? As a website designer, it is very important for the company developing a web design for your business to understand what target market you want to concentrate on. The success of a website depends largely on the kind of people you want to target. A different design strategy has to be adopted with respect to the age, gender, taste, economic background, location and other factors. Moreover, by identifying your target market, you also help your Search Engine Optimisation person to develop an effective SEO strategy for your website.
  • What Direction do you want to take your business to? Once you are clear with which market to target and have communicated this to your website developer, you must discuss the direction in which you want to take your business to with your website developer. This information will help the developers to get a proper direction for their site development process.
  • What is your USP? Every business is unique and you need to ensure that your web developer is aware of your unique selling proposition and what makes you different from your competitors. By keeping your USP as the central theme of your website, the designer can ensure that your website gets a unique identity and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Who are your competitors? You know best who your competitors are. If you communicate this to your website designer, he will be able to keep an eye on the web presence of your competitors and devise web development strategies that help you move ahead of your competitors.

If you take your company’s website development seriously, only them would your web developer take the project seriously and would take efforts to develop the best solutions. Once you have communicated all the above discussed aspects to your web designer/developer, he would be able create website applications and design that would cater to your business needs today and in the immediate future.

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