Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Sigma Infotech helps you with customised web applications that work as practical business tools for your organisation.

A customised web application solution can assist you in simplifying your business operations as well as engaging your target audience. However, to achieve these goals an off-the-shelf application remains inadequate, which is why Sigma Infotech offers bespoke application development solutions tailored for your unique business requirements.

By assessing your resources, technical needs and budget, we create web applications that are equipped to simplify your business operations and enhance your efficiencies, while saving your time and money. Our full range of web application development solutions facilitates B2B and B2C engagement successfully. Our development team has wide-spread experience in developing web-based applications that support automated transfer of funds, update pricing information globally, manage accounts, send notifications and many more functionalities.

Advanced Technology that Improves Efficiency

The flexibility that you get with customised web applications makes the adoption of web applications infrastructure vital for your business. Our PHP and .Net developers empower your business with applications that ensure easy management of workflow, business processes, website content, e-commerce and online communities.  By streamlining your business operations, these applications enhance your profitability and reduce the hours spent on work tasks. The possibility of errors is also minimised to a great extent, and the work efficiency and productivity of your employees is enhanced.

We conduct our website application development process in 4 phases –

  • Determination of the nature and goal of the application
    We begin the application development process by finding out the nature and goals of the app that is to be developed. This involves an interaction with the client and streamlining their ambiguous ideas into something more relevant.
  • Devising a strategic plan
    Once we have the ideas and the goals, we chart out a strategic plan that involves the technologies to be used, the scripting language, features, functions, duration and the budget of the project.
  • Development
    In this phase, our programmers work out the application architecture through an abstract design. This design is then converted into codes that are written, implemented and maintained.
  • Testing and maintenance
    The testing phase focuses on assessing the performance of the app and removing bugs, discrepancies and other issues that may adversely affect the functioning of the application. Our support system then ensures that timely maintenance service is provided for a flawless functioning of the app.
Our web application solutions can help you solve complex business problems. Speak to our experts for a free consultation – call 1300 78 20 23 or send in your queries here.

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