Robust Magento Solutions: Dealing with Shopping Cart Abandonment in Ecommerce

Losing money, collapsing sales, low conversion rate, disgruntled customers – If you’re going through all of this in your ecommerce business, you are certainly not alone. As much as exciting it is to run an ecommerce business, all online retailers are bound to suffer from adverse conditions and face critical challenges across different phases of their business cycle.


Optimising Conversions on eCommerce Sites by Eliminating UX Barriers

User experience (UX) is ubiquitous to successful website design. It is all about what users perceive while engaging with your site from start to finish. Usability, information architecture and intuitive design are key contributors of superior user experience on websites. UX, as the industry calls it, has a special role in e-commerce websites, where keeping the user interest at the centre of the design is crucial.

Why UX is Important for eCommerce Websites?

Converting visitors into buyers is the sole objective of an e-commerce websites, and a UX-focused website can do that with much ease. While user experience cannot be designed per se, application of user-centred design practices can help in generating the desired experience for the users, so that they are enticed to take favourable actions on the site.


October Begins With a Stream of Google Algorithm Updates

While the month of September ended with sombre news for the search engine optimisation industry with the EMD algorithm update, the trend seems to continue for the month of October as well. As reported earlier, on 28th September 2012, Matt Cutts announced the roll out of the EMD algorithm update, which targeted the exact-match domains (EMD) with low quality content. However, news of another Panda update also started doing the rounds at the same time because several non-EMD sites were also affected.

Later, Google confirmed that along with the EMD update, it also upgraded the Panda algorithm 20th time. This wasn't a mere refresh to the algorithm; rather, it was an update that affected 2.4% of search queries. The SEO industry was hit hard by this update, which continued to affect search queries in the first few days of October as well.


Google's EMD Algorithm Update Targets Low Quality Exact Match Domains

Google loves to surprise (rather, shock) the SEO industry every other day. Discussion forums and blogging sites are abuzz with discussions related to the latest EMD (exact match domain) algorithm update that happened on 28th September 2012. According to Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam department, the search results for low-quality exact-match domains would change, following the update. This means that the website owners who were cashing in on the high ranking of their sites, courtesy exact match domains, can no longer get the limelight merely on the basis of that.

Before the update, a number of websites with exact-match domain climbed the ranking ladder solely on the basis of the use of a targeted keyword in the URL. Majority of webmasters and search engine optimisers, with the aspirations of higher ranking and greater visibility, created poor-quality EMD websites and got all the attention. However, Google's latest update has ended the good times for these websites. A large number of low-quality EMD sites have not tumbled down just a few ranks, rather they have been almost kicked out of search results. This update is being viewed as positive news for legitimate sites that have now got more room to gain top rankings due to high-quality content and white hat SEO practices.


10 Latest jQuery Plugins for Website Designers

For website designers, ensuring smooth user experience and engagement is crucial for the success of their websites. One of the greatest tools used to ensure this is jQuery. Being one of the easiest JavaScript libraries to learn, jQuery helps designers build beautiful and neat websites. When users come to a website, it is important that they navigate to different web pages of the site easily, and with the help of innovative jQuery plugins, you can up the ante of your website.

In Australia, the web design industry is thriving like never before. Each day new tools and techniques are being introduced to enhance the design process as well as the user experience. jQuery plugins are important tools in the arsenal of a majority of web designers in Australia. These plugins come handy when you have to design responsive and intuitive layouts. You can create image galleries, dynamic forms, tooltips, animation and real-time updates, using these plugins.


10 Latest Open Source Website Design and Development Tools

The website design industry is a dynamic field where you can witness new trends and tools introduced frequently. In the last few months, a plethora of new development and design tools were launched.

These tools range from cutting-edge experiments to simple utilities. But the best part is that these are all free tools that help you enhance the flexibility and utility of your website, without adding up the costs. So whether you are designing a website solely for PC users or focusing on creating a more flexible and responsive web design or app, you have plenty of free tools to bank upon.


Significance Of Designing Your Website Around The Content

When working on your website design, it is important to make the content as the focal point of your website. In this article, we present to you the right approach when working on a content-centred website design.

When we talk about designing websites around the content, the focus should be on getting the content (imagery, text, and call to action) in hand before even beginning the website framework. Many amateur web designers begin the design work after discussing the project with the client, without paying heed to the type of content that has to come. Such an approach often leads to unappealing content placement that doesn’t catch the attention of the users, even if the content is of high quality. Moreover, with major search engines giving greater weightage to high-quality content and user experience, having an attractive website design with poor content placement would indirectly affect your search ranking.


The Web Design Industry Shows Interest in Pinterest!

The simple and logical idea behind the conception of Pinterest is making people really interested in this new social photo sharing platform.

The web design industry is also using this platform to put their best work on Pinterest and generate new traffic to their portfolio websites.


Facebook's "Report" Feature Comes to Your Rescue

Facebook has worldwide teams who work 24x7 to guarantee safety and protection to its 900 plus million users. These teams take proactive measures to keep its “Report” feature helpful for the users.

How the “Report” feature works?

The User Operations teams that handle all the reporting forward a particular report to the Safety team, the Hate and Harassment team, the Access team, or the Abusive Content team, depending on the type of report a user makes. So, if you have reported for a hacked account or loss of access to your account, your report will be referred to the Access team.


When Integrating Search Engine Optimisation in Web Design

Search engine optimisation and web design are two inseparable features of a successful website and online presence. When integration SEO in web design, it is important to ensure that each link on the site is clickable and the site is designed keeping the users in mind, not just the search engine robots.

Search engine-friendly web design is not just about aiming for top ranking on web search engines. If you apply search engine optimisation strategies in your web design, you not only make it useful for the search engines, but also for the people who will access the site and engage with your brand. When working on the search engine optimisation aspects of a web design, you have to ensure that the site is clickable (i.e. it has features/elements that are worth clicking at).


Why a Google+ Presence is Imperative for Your Business?

Google+ is the new kid on the block which makes the business fraternity skeptical for its benefits. Yet, the mere magnanimity and web dominance of Google make investment on this social platform worth it.

When it isn’t still the top social media platform, then why invest in it?

Whether you are ready to use Google+ for your business or not, consider this- Google is the top search engine in the world, with 40,000 searches happening every second. So if you have a Google presence in any form, you are bound to get more leverage for your search engine ranking.


Emotional Engagement in Website Design – Striking the Right Cord!

Striking the right cord with the users by cultivating the desired emotions from them is the best strategy a website designer must follow. Some of the emotions that can instigate the users to purchase your goods and services include interest, acceptance, anticipation, joy, trust, vigilance, ecstasy and admiration.

A successful web designer isn’t just a technology freak. He has to add a human touch to the websites and applications he creates so that the users can engage with them. Understanding the psychology of the target audience is crucial in order to get the message across and hold on the attention of the users for long.


Google Takes Strict Action Against Paid Links

Being the most-used search engine across the world isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot to maintain that trust and faith of a wide number of people in its search results, and Google doesn’t want to take any chances.

Google’s John Mueller made an announcement on behalf of Google regarding various issues related to action against paid links.


Rule the Roost with a Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Combination

Due to the stiff competition on the World Wide Web, a combined approach in search engine marketing and social media marketing is necessary.

Social media websites are a hot property on the Internet as people from all walks of life have their presence felt on it. It has become too easy for businesses to contact their target market in the most effective manner. Businesses can integrate their website with their social media profiles and hope for an increase in the site traffic.


Google Penguin Attack: Recovery Tips and More

Google has introduced another ranking algorithm to accompany Panda in its fight against black hat search engine optimisation and web spamming. In this article, we discuss about the algorithm, recovery tips and principles of a quality website.

It is known to all that Google is very strict about the quality of results that appear when a searcher makes a query.


Navigation Styles for Effective Website Design

There are various styles of navigation that can be used in a web design to ensure superior browsing experience of the users. Some of the commonly used navigation styles include top horizontal bar navigation, vertical/sidebar navigation, breadcrumbs, tags navigation, search navigation, fly-out/drop-out menu, guided and footer navigation.

Types & Styles of Navigation Design

There are different styles and types of navigation that can be integrated with a web design. The effectiveness of a chosen navigation style depends entirely on the kind of audience you are addressing to.


Google Lashes Out at Phone Number Spammers

Google’s determination to remain the top choice for users across the world makes it come up with new updates and announcements to ensure superior user experience.

Such an activity leads to poor user experience and is a violation of the guidelines provided by the search engine, according to Matt.


The Kingdom of Search Engine Optimisation: Content is the King and Links are the Queen

There are two most significant aspects of search engine optimisation that can determine the success or failure of your efforts of bringing your website closer to the audiences. These aspects are- Content and Links.

No matter how clichéd it may sound, the website content is and will always be the king. Also, the links to your website are the queen. A combination of high quality and informative content and reliable links ensure successful search engine optimisation and top ranking on the SERPs.


An Overview of the New Look and Feel of Google+

Google has been aggressively working on making its new social network platform, Google+, stand as a tough competition to Facebook, and steal away its loyal following.

In its latest bid to improve user-experience and surpass the popularity of Facebook, Google+ has come up with some more updates.


Google Maps API: An Overview

Google Maps API is a free service offered by the major search engine allowing websites to embed Google Maps on the web pages or mobile applications.

By integrating Google Maps API for your business, you allow your site visitors to visualise location based data and get engaged with the embedded interactive maps.


Single Page Web Design is the Way to Go!

Single page web design is an emerging trend in the field of websites. There are numerous examples of one page website design from which you can take the idea and get your own single page website.

A single page website design can be useful for almost all kinds of businesses or agencies; however, it is most effective when used for a business that has very streamlined product offerings.


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