10 Latest jQuery Plugins for Website Designers

For website designers, ensuring smooth user experience and engagement is crucial for the success of their websites. One of the greatest tools used to ensure this is jQuery. Being one of the easiest JavaScript libraries to learn, jQuery helps designers build beautiful and neat websites. When users come to a website, it is important that they navigate to different web pages of the site easily, and with the help of innovative jQuery plugins, you can up the ante of your website.

In Australia, the web design industry is thriving like never before. Each day new tools and techniques are being introduced to enhance the design process as well as the user experience. jQuery plugins are important tools in the arsenal of a majority of web designers in Australia. These plugins come handy when you have to design responsive and intuitive layouts. You can create image galleries, dynamic forms, tooltips, animation and real-time updates, using these plugins.

Given below are 10 of the latest jQuery plugins that the industry can use to create professional, neat and user-friendly website design -

1. Responsive Carousel - This is a carousel script that can work well with mouse, touch and keyboard. It allows different transition styles for images to create the best visual experience. The default features include the slide/drag transition that can be applied by adding a data attribute and including some CSS. There are other extensions as well including flip and fade transitions, pagination, autoplay, keyboard handling etc.

2. iView Slider - For brilliant image transitions, this is another important plugin that can be used by the designers. This is an image slider that allows animated captions, responsive layout and some HTML elements. It can be used not only for images, but for banner rotation, image gallery and for presentation slideshows.

3. Freetile.js - Designers working on a responsive website design can use this plugin to effectively organise the web page content and ensure optimal use of screen space. The factors that make it different from other similar plugins include packing of different elements without using fixed-size column grids and customisable algorithm for possible insertion position.

4. ios Slider - This is a touch-enabled jQuery horizontal slider plugin that offers responsive support, cross-browser compatibility, infinite looping and customisation. This allows your website to be accessed from desktop and mobile.

5. Fresco - Responsive website design is in vogue, and this plugin helps you create beautiful overlays that work well on any screen size or browser. Some of the interesting features of this responsive lightbox plugin include fullscreen zoom, retina-ready skins, YouTube and Vimeo integration for HTML5 video and powerful Javascript API

6. Tooltipster - This is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to create effective HTML5 validated tooltips. Some of the useful features of this plugin include HTML tag support inside the tooltip, degradable, flexible and quick to set up, easily styled with 100% CSS and plays well with IE.

7. StickyMojo - Sticky bars in navigation are very stylish and user-friendly, and the StickyMojo plugin allows you to create flexible sticky bars. The plugin is lightweight, fast and compatible with modern browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE8+.

8. Adaptor - This is another lightweight content slider that allows simple interface to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions.

9. Gridster.js - Using this jQuery plugin, you can now easily build intuitive draggable layouts when you have elements in multiple columns. Elements can be easily added and removed from the grid.

10. Trunk8 - This text truncation plugin can be applied to a large block of text, it cuts off just enough text to prevent spill-over. This way the text fits perfectly in the given space.

Proper implementation of these useful plugins in the design is important, if you want to enhance the usability and not hamper the user experience.

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