10 Latest Open Source Website Design and Development Tools

The website design industry is a dynamic field where you can witness new trends and tools introduced frequently. In the last few months, a plethora of new development and design tools were launched.

These tools range from cutting-edge experiments to simple utilities. But the best part is that these are all free tools that help you enhance the flexibility and utility of your website, without adding up the costs. So whether you are designing a website solely for PC users or focusing on creating a more flexible and responsive web design or app, you have plenty of free tools to bank upon.

Presented below is a comprehensive list of 10 of the best and latest website design tools that the industry is using right now-

1. Jquerin Grid Builder - For the designers who love to use grids in their websites, this is a perfect tool. It may not be as sophisticated as Gridset, but it can be a valuable tool for learners. This tool helps you get a simple, visual interface to a world-class responsive grid system.

2. Normalize CSS 1.0 - As an alternative to the multiple CSS reset options, this web design tool allows consistency in cross-platform browsing. This modern, HTML5-ready tool specifically targets only the styles that need normalising.

3. Photon - This is a JavaScript library that creates simple lighting effects to Document Object Model (DOM) elements in 3D environment. While it can be a bit heavy on your CPU, this CSS 3D lighting engine can make website designing a fun activity.

4. Opera Mobile Emulator - This is a handy emulation tool that can be connected to Opera Dragonfly for debugging job. It is very simple to install and use this tool, and makes web design and development jobs easier.

5. XMLPlayground - Developers have also embraced this new versatile technology, which is a sandbox for XML development, including (E) XSTL, XML validation (DTD, schema, RelaxNG) and XQuery.

6. Jquery.cookie - To simplify the task of reading, writing and deleting cookies, the designers now use jquery.cookie. This simple jQuery plugin allows you to manage cookies effectively. It passes in the value of your cookie along with its name and an object with variables such as domain, secure and expires.

7. Modernizr 2.6.2 - The latest version of Modernizer delivers some key new detects for the progressive enhancement units. This JavaScript library detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the browser and makes it easy for website designers to write conditional JavaScript and CSS to handle each situation. It fixes bugs and has updated test improvements for your modern development needs.

8. jQuery++ - This development tool is all about providing low-level utilities for features that are not supported by jQuery. You can choose from a range of plugins that have multiple features including faster and simpler DOM manipulation, compare element document position, and quickly read computed styles.

9. Mozilla Thimble - When it comes to simplifying web design, Mozilla Thimble is one of the most easy-to-use tools. It allows you to easily write and edit HTML and CSS in your browser, allowing you to create fully functional web pages in minutes.

10. Firefox Beta for Android 14.0 - When surfing web on an Android device, Firefox Beta enhances user experience. From Flash video support to improved loading time, this tool helps you put finishing touches on features and functionalities.

Try these indispensable website design tools and improve your performance and output!

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