A Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Good Magento Developer

Your struggle of finding an awesome Magento developer ends right here with this informational blog. This post explains how to find the best person for this job.

Magento powered online stores offer customers an excellent shopping experience. Magento offers feature rich method for online selling, organising and promoting products and services, order processing and integrating secure payment gateways. Magento is a platform that can easily be tweaked and customised to suit the customer specific needs of a client.

Here are a few simple tips to get you off on the right track with your hunt.

Finding Developers

It may not be easy to find a good Magento developer, but it will be worth to find that one. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start searching.

• Checkout the Magento forums - If you are actively looking for the best developers, then you should not miss Magento forums. You will find over 200k registered users on these forums and thousands of posts on assorted topics. Also, you will be amazed to find the most active and helpful developers with lots of kudos to their credit. These developers can be approached by sending them a private message to check if they are interested in working with you.

• Attend Magento Imagine - Magento imagine is the place you should not miss if you want to connect with the biggest innovators in eCommerce. It gives you the golden opportunity to connect with key merchants, partners, and developers from the global eCommerce ecosystem. We can’t afford to ignore the mind-bending communication that online platforms have enabled, but sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned personal interaction.

• LinkedIn - If you want to do more than a handful of searches for developers, you must visit LinkedIn. LinkedIn enables you to search developers by skills. You just need to search by skill and then it can be drilled down by location and other factors important to you. A premium LinkedIn account will be helpful in finding the most appropriate developer for you.

• Hackathons - Like conferences, hackathons are events that offer you a wonderful opportunity to meet with developers, computer programmers and others involved in software industry. Hackathons offer you the chance to meet with those developers that you might not otherwise connect with online. you are going to meet Magento developers or specialists at hackathons that are already passionate about their work and satisfied with their jobs. It takes immense passion to give up your free time or to be very precise your entire weekend to do nothing but hack on Magento.

• Contacting Certified Magento Developers - If you are looking for highly bespoke Magento eCommerce web development solutions, then hiring Magento certified developers can help greatly. They carry a proven track record of working for well-known and reputed clients. Portfolio of Certified Magento development companies is usually filled with beautiful and feature rich ecommerce websites. They are experienced in both customising backend and frontend functionality. By hiring certified Magento development company like Sigma Infotech, you can expect to get creative web solutions with exceptional maintenance and support services.

Time for evaluation

After spending your time on hunting a developer and having found the one you are considering, you need to carefully evaluate and select the developer that’s perfect for you.

• Pay attention to certifications - Certifications are the best and quickest indicator of someone’s level of experience and expertise. Thanks to certification program of Magento. The Magento’s certification program test is designed to thoroughly examine the capability of developers. This certification ensures that developers have worked with this platform over an extended period and have in depth knowledge of this amazing open source ecommerce platform.

• Check Technical Expertise through Interview - It is best to conduct some sort of technical interview, if you are hiring a full-time developer in-house. For the sake of your inner satisfaction, you can get down and dirty with code level specifications to find out if the chosen developer has really earned that certification with genuine experience.

• Don’t forget to Check their Work - This one goes without saying - first thing that you should check is your developer’s work - This simply means that you can check out their portfolio or look at the companies they have worked for in their job history on LinkedIn. You can check their role on the projects they have handled in the past to specifically find out their core skills. It’s not uncommon to find people who have associated themselves with big brands, leaving you in the middle to find out that they played a minor role in the project.

• Coding Test to Refine your Search - A coding test can play a pivotal role in your technical evaluation stage. This coding test may stand useless if the work the developers have done speaks for itself, and they are highly recommended. Remember, no developer will be willing to work for free in the name of coding test that consumes multiple hours. Only those developers who are not quite established may show willingness to take a coding test exercise that may take an hour to prove themselves. Otherwise, established developers do not appear for the coding test for free.

• Evaluate their Responsiveness - This one is particularly crucial when you have shortlisted freelancers. It’s not uncommon to see freelancers making fake promises upon initial contract that they will remain very responsive. But with time they forget their promises and suddenly drop off the map on you. Unfortunately, you will find many unreliable freelancers in software industry. On the other hand, this behaviour of freelancers is understandable as they need to juggle with variety of different things at same time such as multiple clients, deadlines, perhaps a day job too. And, most importantly not everyone is expert at juggling all of that. So, make sure to find responsive freelancers who respond promptly to business mails. Consistency and responsiveness over a period are two factors that you should not ignore when choosing the right developer for you.

Step forward to make the offer

Once you find have found the perfect fit for your company, you should not hesitate in offering them the desired position. Whether you are offering a full-time permanent position or a contract, it’s vital to match up with the expectations of hired developers. Sometimes developers simply turn down the offer because of a difference in their salary expectation.


Your work doesn’t end by mere finding a developer and making an offer. You need to make sure that your chosen developers are a perfect fit for a productive long-lasting relationship. Retaining a good Magento developer is equally important that will provide value to both parties for long term. You need to have a good process for evaluating the effectiveness of your developers. You may run into problems, if you lack a relatively clear-cut evaluation process. You can ask for the help from a trusted 3rd party such as experienced friend belonging to this industry or a consultant to evaluate your hired developer’s work.


Finding good Magento developers marks the beginning of your journey towards an efficacious eCommerce store. It is the crucial step that is certainly going to affect your profits for years to come. Whether you choose to associate with a professional web development company or a freelancer, make sure you have chosen someone you can trust.

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