An Overview of the New Look and Feel of Google+

Google has been aggressively working on making its new social network platform, Google+, stand as a tough competition to Facebook, and steal away its loyal following. However, since its launch in June 28, 2011, it has been unsuccessful in doing so. With 845 million active users on Facebook, Google+ lags way behind with only 170 million users.

In its latest bid to improve user-experience and surpass the popularity of Facebook, Google+ has come up with some more updates. These updates are discussed below:

  • User Interface (UI) and navigation: The social network has updated its UI with a customisable ribbon of icons for home, profile, pages and photos. It simplifies the navigation process and makes it easy to access some of its major features. The friends’ list has been moved up to the right. This new update provides you with easy access to your bookmarks and places. Moreover, you can drag your most frequently used apps to the ‘More’ section for easy access.

  • ‘Hangouts’ update: This is the most interactive and useful feature of Google’s search engine. There is greater focus on Hangouts now, getting their own dedicated page and refreshed design. Now it is easier to view your own hangouts and track personal invites to hangouts easily. You can now quickly review any Hangouts available to you.

  • ‘Explore’ tab instead of ‘Sparks’: Google+ has replaced the ‘Sparks’ button with the new ‘Explore’ button in order to highlight latest activities and posts by Google+ members. This new feature is an attempt to encourage people to explore pages and go beyond their own circles.

  • Better emphasis on Photos: As part of its new look and feel, Google+ has also laid greater emphasis on the photos section. Users can upload their photographs more prominently now, using more screen space. The photo displays are more elegant and attractive now.

All these updates are an evident attempt by Google+ to gain higher attention from the users and attract more loyal and active users across the globe.

Article Source: techbloghub

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