A Guide to Mobile Web Design: Tips & Examples

Mobile web design is the new emerging trend in website design industry, and every business that wants a competitive lead must invest in it. There are several tips and examples of effective mobile web design that can ensure greater business exposure.

A standard website can be a great way of enhancing your online dominance, but what restricts its reach is the limited use of the PCs, especially because people have to attend to other tasks instead of staying glued to their computers.


Common Mistakes that Can Prevent You from Achieving Success in SEO

Search engine optimisation is often misunderstood by not just the clients, but also the SEO “experts”. In order to clear these misconceptions, it is important to first understand the mistakes that people make in SEO.

The PageRank algorithms remain hidden and keep changing, which gives way to many misconceptions and confusions. As a corollary to this, you and your SEO team fail to achieve the desired results despite working so hard.


Google’s Latest Glitch: Title Mismatch in Search Results

The recent discovery of Google’s title mismatch involving PC World UK has intrigued as well as annoyed many people, who rely heavily on this search engine.

In search engine optimisation, a malfunctioned title can often yield disappointing results for a particular business despite all the positive measures taken by the SEO team.


How Does Google’s Cache Improve Your Website’s User Experience?

Google cache is a snapshot that Google takes of a website when it last spidered it. It is a copy of the web page that may not necessarily be the current web page...

While businesses may not initially realise the benefits of Google’s cache, it actually can play a huge role in ensuring pleasant user experience. In the absence of the cached version of your website, users may find it difficult to know more about your products and services and what your business is all about when the load speed of the site is low.


Unable to Yield Benefits from Your Web Design? It’s Time to Redesign It!

A website represents your business on the Internet and its non-performance can directly affect the profitability of your business. When your site is not appearing on search engines, lacks professional appeal, has outdated content, has broken links and loads slowly, it is time to consider website redesign.

No matter which industry you serve in, competition always exists (except if you own a monopoly business). And, where there is competition, you always need to be on your toes and keep updating and upgrading your products and services. A website is one platform that allows you to represent your unique business on a global platform in the most cost-effective manner.


How to Manage Clients in Web Design Business?

Managing clients and maintaining positive customer relationship is a crucial task in web design business. A website design agency should always- know their clients and listen to them, be within reach, document each project and client detail, ensure clear communication, be socially active and stay in touch with their former clients.

If you own a web design business or are a website designer, you must have come across various challenges while striving for meeting the client specifications and requirements.


Call-to-Action Techniques to Improve Web Design Usability

Call to action is an integral part of web design and enhances the usability of the site. There are several techniques and strategies that can be used while implement call to action in the website design including- offering FREE gifts and services, using bold colours and moneyback guarantee.

Call-to-action is a marketing strategy used in web design that directs the visitors to take the next step towards purchasing a product or service.


Robots.txt Files Need to be Smaller than 500 KB, says Google

The Robots.txt specifications provide a clear understanding on how Google handles the robots.txt file for your SEO strategy. These specifications are the guidelines followed by all automated crawlers at Google.

The Robots.txt specifications provide a clear understanding on how Google handles the robots.txt file for your SEO strategy. These specifications are the guidelines followed by all automated crawlers at Google.


Useful Tools for Cross-Browser Compatibility Check for Your Website Design

For a successful website design, compatibility on multiple browsers becomes mandatory for a superior user experience. Some of the major web browsers that are being used by people across the world include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

For a successful website design, compatibility on multiple browsers becomes mandatory for a superior user experience. Some of the major web browsers that are being used by people across the world include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.


HTML5: Changing the Face of Web Design Industry

HTML5 is the future of web design as it has the potential of simplifying the process of developing flexible and user-friendly websites. Some important features of HTML5 <audio>, <video> and <canvas>.

While it is still under development, HTML5 is believed to bring great results, by simplifying the job of the web designer. It is believed that at least 34 of the world’s top 100 websites are based on HTML5.


Important Link Building Tools for 2012

In search engine optimisation, link building is one of the key elements of boosting your web traffic and improving your search engine ranking. The practice of link building involves getting other websites to link to yours.

There are some tools in link building that are emerging to be some of the most important tools for 2012. These tools facilitate the process of getting quality backlinks.


Take Your Business to the Next Level With Great Web Design and Graphic Design Tips

Web design and graphic design are two services that can businesses to achieve success and exposure among the target audience. In web design certain aspects, such as designing for the audience, blending creativity and simplicity and offering value to the audience. Similarly in graphic design, one must incorporate elements such as having design that reflects the business, is memorable and unique.

Web design and graphic design are two of the most critical elements that bolster your business marketing strategies. In order to maximise the reach and potential of your business, you must invest in professional web design and graphic design services.


Creative Food Art Ideas That Can Be Used in Websites

Innovation and imagination has no limits and food art is another example of the boundless reach of a human mind’s imagination. Using food items to depict non-food images is a unique way of expressing thoughts and web designers can use this art in order to make the site attractive and visually appealing. Carl Warner is a famous food artist, from whose works designers can seek inspiration.

While food art is primarily meant for entertainment, web designers and graphic designers can also take inspiration from it. The designers can take help of food artists, who have the proficiency in turning a plain looking food item into a visually appealing landscape or any other non-living item.


Web Development Solutions Using PHP

Website development and web application development, web developers across the world use PHP as one of the most important web development tools. PHP is an open source language that is an important part of the LAMP web programming stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Being open source, PHP is a free web development tool that can be easily embedded into HTML. Website developers can create dynamic websites using this scripting language used for server-side scripting and for generating textual user interfaces.


Making the Most of Google AdWords Services

Google AdWords Services is the most effective platform for pay per click advertising. Google considers the cost per click, clickthrough rate and your daily budget in determining the quality of your ad.

However, the sole purpose of Google AdWords Services is not to get higher clickthrough rate. Converting the clicks into sales is much more important.


Website Design Trends for 2012

While we all are readying up to welcome the New Year, we may also have to welcome upcoming trends and styles in website design. Being an ever-changing and evolving process, website design experiences new trends every year and 2012 is not going to be an exception.

The New Year is going to witness some remarkable changes in the way websites are designed. While we cannot determine the exact trends, we can predict what all changes can possibly occur in web design.


Rope in More Business through Website Design and Development

Website design and development process are necessary to reinforce the performance of a website. Some of the useful tools in website design and development include Coda, Blueprint CSS framework, CSS sprite generator, Kuler and Firebug.

In order to ensure that all the above discussed factors are included in the website design and website development processes, use of various tools, besides profound expertise, is necessary.


What does a Web Design Say about Your Business?

A website represents your business on the World Wide Web and it is important to invest in a web design that engages the visitors, allows them to scan through the pages and get the relevant information.

Every aspect about your web design - be it the domain name, the quality of information about your company and products and any other element on the website, determine how your business is perceived by the users.


Application Development- Its Benefits in the Business World

Application development is part of the technology-driven world that simplifies business operations. It is an integral part of website design activities and have several benefits

One can find plenty of website design companies across the world that offer a wide array of advantages of investing in website design and application development services. By the sheer number of website design companies, you can understand the benefits of web design and application development.


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