Website Design: Designing for Yourself or for Your Customers?

You can get website designers to make great looking website for yourself, however you cannot get customers to visit and re-visit your website just because you have got a great looking website, or you cannot convert visitors into customers just because you have a great looking website design.


How to Judge a Good Web Designer?

It is important that your web designer has good business knowledge. This is important as only a website developer who understands your business will be able to come up with a website design that suits your business and your industry.


Things to Avoid During Web Development

For a lot of website owners the temptation to make money through ads on their website is too strong to avoid. Until and unless your website is an advertising portal, do not use the advertisements.


Do You Need a Content Management System?

An up-to-date website indicates the professionalism and ability of your business. Your site visitors expect that your website has updated content and information that can help them make an informed decision about purchasing your products and services.


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