Website Application and Custom Software Development to Simplify Your Business operations

Technology plays an important role in business success and that is why companies should invest in website application development and custom software development services.

Software development is the process of developing software through successive phases in a systematic manner. The process involves the preparation of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded and the actual writing of the code.


Multilingual Content Markup Supported by Google

The primary reason for having this markup by Google is to handle content that is translated or provided for multiple geographic regions.

The markup can be used with rel="canonical" tag to make sure Google follows up on the main version, but the new tag itself should be more than sufficient and should help with regional rankings as well. The support is an extension to the rel="alternate" hreflang link element.


When Your Website Doesn't Comply With Google Places' Terms

Google Places is one of the most convenient ways of advertising your business on the Internet. These days it has become necessary for businesses to cement their online presence beyond the website by getting listed on Google Places.

On the discussion forum of Google Places, a Google representative responded to the query of Herbal Potency Store by stating- "If you have a 2,500 mile "service area", you probably don't belong in local search."


Search Engine Marketing- Turning Search into Sales

Traditional methods of marketing are no longer enough for businesses that aim for the sky. The immense power of the Internet inspires several businesses to make their presence felt over the global platform.

Search engine marketing is basically an art or science of making a website search engine-friendly. It incorporates the paid search results (pay per click advertising) as well as the organic search results (search engine optimisation).


How to Get Ahead In Website Design?

Professional-looking websites that get across the message are important for businesses employing web-based training, advertising and e-commerce.

When planning to get a website, people probably know how they want the site to be like. But in some cases, this can be the only thing that they know. They may have no idea about the type of applications they want to have on the site, the colour scheme and how the images would be depicted.


Google Panda: Targeting Content Farms and More!

It is because of the Panda initiative that content farms, which offered low quality content and carried revenue sharing ads on the page, have started harvesting less content.

Panda Changes the way SEO works Earlier, websites looked up to the PageRank methodology of Google to determine their search engine optimisation strategies.


Common Mistakes in Website Design and Application Development

Website design and application development are two of the most complex yet important processes that simplify business operations.

Both processes, web design and application development need a professional approach in order to achieve the desired goals. However, the designers and developers often make certain mistakes that are not only too common but can adversely affect the end product.


Key Tools to Evaluate Your Website Design

The effectiveness and success of a web design depends on how quickly and conveniently a user can find information on the website.

There are various factors that the website developer must evaluate in the website design in order to determine its usability and functionality.


Best Software Packages for Web Design to Ensure Online Success

The Robots.txt specifications provide a clear understanding on how Google handles the robots.txt file for your SEO strategy. These specifications are the guidelines followed by all automated crawlers at Google.

The Robots.txt specifications provide a clear understanding on how Google handles the robots.txt file for your SEO strategy. These specifications are the guidelines followed by all automated crawlers at Google.


Why You Should Invest in Web Design and Graphic Design?

Businesses need to invest in all forms of promotional and marketing activities to enhance their brand image and to gain more exposure within the target market. Before investing in such activities, the companies have to consider several factors such as budget, effectiveness, outcomes, resources and target audience, to ensure best results. Most businesses plan to invest in marketing tools that can give higher outcome with limited resources- and web design and graphic design are two such tools that can achieve positive results for the business by maximising the ROI through minimum investment.

The website designers, web developers and graphic designers can create effective solutions for your business that can save cost and time on the marketing strategies. With the help of a web developer/designer, you can establish your online presence and with the help of a graphic designer, you can ensure that your brand appeals to the customers.


Web Design- Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Pro?

A website is like an elaborate business card- it gives all the information regarding your brand and contact details. This is the reason why you should ensure that your website is designed in the best possible manner so that more and more people visit it and try to make contact with you.

The process of web design is a critical one. You have to take care of so many aspects and skills to design a website that will bring business to you. Now the question is-whether to DIY the website design or hire a professional to do it for you? The answer to this question lies with the number of skills you have that are required in the process of building a website.


5 Ideas to Create Highly Effective Website Design

The field of website design, being a creative field, is ever-evolving and the trends in this field continue to change with time. The web designers have to keep themselves updated in terms of the latest trends and the standards in web designing in order to create a website that is not just visually appealing, but also engages the visitors and compels them to perform an action.


How to Make Search Engine Optimisation Work for You ?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would probably know the powerful influence a website can have on your business. Whether you have an established business or you are just starting up, a website is the quickest and the most cost-effective way to spread awareness about your brand. However, just having a website for your business does not guarantee brand awareness and increased sales. For a website to really be beneficial for you, it has to first come into limelight through search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Search engine optimisation enables higher ranking of the website on the search engine result pages (SERPs). If the right SEO strategies are implemented, businesses can reap great benefits and see their revenues growing.


Common Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Web designers make mistakes of all kinds during the process of website design, but there are some mistakes that can be suicidal for your website. In Sydney, you can find several website designers who claim to create websites that can be magical for your business sales. However, for a website to really work for your business, you have to avoid overdoing the design and rather keep it simple, yet attractive to the online visitors.

Using design elements that keep the visitors from getting to the sale is a disaster in the making and if you are a website designer or owner you must avoid these mistakes that make your website as a repellent for the visitors.


Useful information on Search Engine Optimisation to increase the productivity of web site

There are many benefits of Search engine optimisation like higher traffic, improved performance of the web site, higher rank and increased goal conversion ratio. There are basically two parts of any such search engine optimisation campaign on page Seo and off page Seo. In this article we will discuss about on page search engine optimisation.

On Page SEO

On page seo is about making changes in the site itself in order to make it search engine friendly. Changes which often occur in a web page when the page is offline or on your desk top or not on the server are known as on page seo. On page seo includes –


Effect of the Domain Age on Google Page Rank

Domain age refers to the age of the domain name of a website. It considers the age of the site and the time since the domain name was registered. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important process in improving the page ranking of the website and many believe that the domain age must be taken into consideration, along with the website optimisation and SEO activities.


How to Find Great Keyword Ideas for Your website Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important process which needs to be carried out in order to improve your website’s reach and ranking on SERPs. To achieve maximum results, the search engine optimiser must carry out relevant searches to identify research keywords and phrases that are can bring you closer to the intended audience. keywords are what the search strings are matched against and so they are an imperative element for every search engine.


Website Design & Marketing Solutions that Work for Your Company

The Internet and communications technology have empowered businesses of all sizes with a marketing tool that helps them stand out from the competitors. All you got to do is create a business website that serves as a one-stop shop for the customers by providing all the information that can develop their interest in your offerings. In the web design, there are certain things that might work for your business and some that may go against it. It is crucial to identify those things and make good use of them.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for website design that might just help you.


Features and benefits of trust of Website Design

Website design implies to a process to design the websites. Sigma Infotech designs high quality robust, secure, interactive, good looking, user friendly and search engine friendly websites. The high quality websites provide competitive advantage, return on investment and generates trust on the consumers. Further, our designs are cost-effective and in conjunction with the requirement of the client and end-users. Moreover, our websites follow the standards and provides the following:


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