Tips for Effective Web Design

First impression is of prime importance for any web site and a web designer has to ensure that the impression lasts for long. The designer has to ensure that the web site justifies the client’s requirements as well as solves the very purpose of creating it. Here are some of the tips that can be useful in enhancing the effectiveness of a Website Design...


Few points to make web design useful for end users and relevant for search engines

Fact that around 80 percent of web traffic comes through search engines can not be ignored and therefore while developing any web site design we must care that web page is in accordance with the search engines or in other words it should be search engine friendly. LSI or Latent semantic Indexing is a methodology widely used and accepted by search engines. There are other governing bodies which regularly publish there views and recommendations on making site search engine friendly.


Why Bad Quality Links Affect SEO

Simply put, when a site links to your site it is like a recommendation that your site is a quality site that people and search engines should trust. If a site which is considered “bad” by search engine’s recommend the site then this recommendation can actually negatively affect your site.

Think about it like this: On Monday you visit a store on the recommendation of your friend and that store rips you off significantly. You end up losing over $500 in the transaction and generally you are very unhappy about it. The next time that friend recommends a store you are highly unlikely to listen to the recommendation.


Communication Your Graphic Design Ideas

There are many free tools available now that will allow you to do a basic wire frame of your graphic design. For example if you are looking for a logo design

you can layout the basic sections of your logo so your designer can visually see your idea. This is a very popular way of brainstorming your graphic design considering that designers are visual people


Tables or Table-Less Design in Website Development

As technology has developed website development has evolved and a second way of building websites using table-less design has emerged. Table-less design is website development using CSS and HTML combined to achieve the end result.

That’s the basic technical explanation of them both, the reason you need to know about this is that Search Engines prefer specific design functionality. If you are to choose the right method you will get better search results from your website development.


Website Optimisation | 3 Ways to Increase Traffic from Facebook

Traditionally Search Engine Optimisation was the major way of generating traffic but this has now merged with social media. While SEO is still a viable method for generating traffic, as a stand alone strategy it lacks depth and long term viability. It is best to combine your Search Engine Optimisation strategy with a social media traffic strategy.


4 Cool Website Design Ideas

As you can see just these 4 unique website designs there really is no limit to the creativity you can use in your initial design. Unfortunately most businesses are in such a rush to launch their website that they don’t give designers the time and freedom to be creative.

To stand out in the crowd and achieve your online business goals make sure you give your website design serious consideration. Invite your designer to be creative in their implementation and design!


SEO Is Not The Only Way To Generate Traffic

Facebook is now the most visited website in the world and with this new title it is demanding that business owners turn away from Website Optimisation and start focusing on social traffic. Savvy business owners are already looking for ways of generating leads from Facebook and here are the most popular methods:

Facebook Ads Traffic

Much like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads lets you to target potential customers using Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression advertising. One of the major advantages of Facebook Ads is the ability to target potential customers by their interest and location.


Smart Phone Application Development-A Smart Move

The most popular and most downloaded applications for Smart Phone’s are game with a recent study of university graduates at a Sydney university showing that 93% of smart phone owners use it for games. A smart business owner in Sydney would engage an Application Development Sydney company to build a Free game that advertisers their business.

This way you can engage with your customers on their Smart Phone and increase potential business.


Top 7 Mistakes In Website Design

As you can see there are many mistakes that are often made with regards to Website Development and it’s important to avoid these mistakes. When hiring a developer make sure you ask them about these specific areas and see what other issues they are also aware of.


How To Identify A Quality Website Design Company

A website design company that asks many questions about your business, customers, products and goals is more likely to produce a web design you are happy with. When they don’t ask you many questions it is highly probably they will be using templates to design your website from.


Crucial advantages of web application development for businesses

A new trend picking up in businesses promotion is to have a web application development in place for specific needs of a business. Through these applications, business people can perform plethora of tasks without wasting their valuable time and much money over the promotional activities. There is, thus, no need for them to issue orders related to every aspect of a project.

But what exactly web applications are? Well, we can say that these apps are in fact the strategies that business people want to implement through web. In doing so, they make use of data services. This means that all the business and commercial activities are carried out in a most secured way through private networks. Such companies can use of web applications for safe and secure transactions.


Google's +1 Button Influences Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one the major ways of generating traffic to a website and the recent release of Google’s + 1 button is predicted to influence search results and traffic.

Generally to rank well on Google your website needs to have good Website Optimisation and quality backlinks. But with the recent introduction of Google’s + 1 Button it appears that SEO can now be influenced by users votes. While it is not completely clear right now what kind of effect the button will have on results Google has stated it will have an influence.


Google Panda Update – How It Affects Search Engine Optimisation

In the Panda Update Google changed the algorithm it uses to index and rank sites so that it discounted low quality, low value sites. Sites that have unique, valuable content will be ranked higher then sites that have low value, duplicate content.

No longer can a cheap, duplicate content site rank well in the search engine you must invest in building quality sites with well-written and well-researched content. This is not something new though as at Sigma InfoTech we have always told our clients they need quality content and quality sites to get long-term search engine results.


Automatically Turn Visitors into Customers Using Effective Website Design

The major aim of any website design is to take a visitor and turn them into a customer. The effective use of colors, layout and images will create a visual masterpiece designed to automatically attract and convert new customers. In fact a professionally produced website should not only generate more customers but make the process of closing those customers simple and easy.

The problem is that many website owners forget they don’t have the convenience of face-to-face communication with their customers. A physical shop that looks bad can be combated with a great sales and customer service team. Unfortunately with Website Design, if your website is not visually appealing then you will not attract customers.


Effective Use Of Colour In Website Design

Now when constructing your website design, we are not suggesting to use just blue and not yellow, as colour is subjective to a niche. For example, a website design with a strong pink is good for selling intimate female related products. While the same website design used to sell male muscle growth formula would actually lower sales.

This all sounds complicated, and a talented website designer will be able to complete a website design without you having to worry about these colour issues. As a business owner your sole focus should be on ensuring your business is generating sales and leave the complicated nature of website design to professionals.


Website Optimisation – The Missing Link

Website Optimisation as well as decreasing load speed and increasing search engine rankings can also lead to server cost saving. During the process of website optimisation images, videos and server files will all be streamlined to increase the load speed.

The more streamlined files will mean a lower strain on your server and therefore lower costs in both bandwidth and file storage. Unfortunately many website owners are not aware of these cost saving, conversion increasing, search engine friendly measures you can easily implement.


Web Design Principles That Convert Visitors into Customers

Traditionally after conducting a FREE website design review we are able to identify a long list of web design principles that are missing from the site. Designing a website is completely different to designing a business card, there are key areas and factors that each website must contain in order to convert visitors into customers.

Ultimately the only reason business owners build a website is to attract more customers and hopefully automate some lead generation but unfortunately in most cases this does not happen. While this is a “normal” problem it is one that can be instantly fixed using some basic website design principles.


How SEO and SEM Service Providers Help their Clients

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving a website's visibility to Google, Yahoo, Bing and all major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is not about tricking the search engines; it's about making your website and the content on it – media, images, and text – friendly to the search engines. It's also about helping motivated searchers find your products and services before they find the competition's.


Web Application Development Trends

Great website application development talent understands the business domain and puts their extensive technical skills to use in the right ways. Businesses looking for skills should look beyond the basic skills available to everyone in application development. Sydney web application development teams have creative solutions, write clean code, and know how to break down a problem so it can be solved in highly creative ways. As businesses fit skills to purposes and look to alternatives outside the all-encompassing antique platforms, they are in a much better position to suit their own web application development needs and those of their customers.


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