Website Design Trends for 2011

Standard website designs are horizontally positioned, but this no longer works on an iPad or e-reader that is vertically oriented. Now, website design teams are no longer concerned with screen resolutions because visitors can change their viewing orientation from vertical to horizontal and your web design must meet that challenge.


IT Employers Still Seeking Software Development Skills

As mobile applications become more prevalent and businesses struggle to tap into the market, custom software development teams with mobile application skills are in high demand. Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to change the world by providing highly innovative products and services that significantly improve employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand strength now have a new avenue with which to communicate their ideas. Offshore software development teams who can convert these ideas into highly useful products will be valuable contributors to the software development industry.


Criteria to Evaluate a Search Engine Optimisation Service Provider

Search engines use any number of off- and on-page analysis techniques. Plus, the algorithms search engines use to rank websites change all the time. If your website isn't already effective at driving new clients and customers to your door, it may not be optimised for the current search engine rules. If it was effective once but that surge of activity has slowly decreased, you may need to make some changes to get your site working – and ranking – well again.


Keys to Quality Website Design

Industry analysts who watch trends in website design are clear that the above factors are still vital to high-quality and highly likeable web designs. It's important when you are interviewing a design team that you communicate the fact that these factors are highly important to you and to your company's ability to grow revenues and earn profits.

Web design teams with good success records will understand what you are looking for, and they'll present portfolio options that help you determine whether they are the right website design and website development team for your needs. Remember, there are many companies out there providing the same thing, but you aren't interested in the same old thing, you want the right thing – what will make your business grow.


How to create an engaging site through web design

Simply putting a website on internet without giving much thought to the designing aspect of the site is not going to win you the customers if you intend to explore it for business purpose. In these days, no one has enough time to pay all the attention to your website even if it is harder to make out of the things you have put on the site. Therefore, web design of a website plays a crucial role in making or destroying your online business. However, in taking out the service of the designers, you should ensure that there are some most crucial aspects of it are fulfilled.


Don't Sacrifice Usability for Beauty in your Website Design

It's crucial that web design teams understand bounce rates are rising as rapidly as time-on-sites decrease around the globe. The human brain is amazingly adaptable and as our bandwidth gets faster, our attention spans get shorter. It's increasingly important to grab people's attention – immediately if you are to keep them even a few seconds. Skip intro buttons are a must with websites using fancy flash introductions because the worst thing you can do is 'force' an introduction on your audience. Any long intro missing a skip button is likely to be abandoned before users even get into the site.


Methods a Website Designer Should Use to Speed Load Times

While many people know a number of methods can be implemented by their website designer, Sydney businesses and business owners concerned with what to do to improve their online presence should call on their website designers to consider all methods to speed the load time. As mobile devices become ubiquitous and mobile website development increases, limiting graphics and improving website functionality in favor of speed and load times is crucial as websites must load very fast.


Guidelines for an impressive and effective website design

Today, almost every business relies heavily on its online customers to corner a larger share of the market. It is no longer sufficient to have multiple shops opened in several cities for making a good profit. Since, a larger section of population has switched to Internet, they prefer first making a good search for the websites that are providing them access to the products and services they are looking for and buy online. For this very reason, a business can not avoid having a site on Internet. This is where the importance of website design comes to the fore.


Search Optimisation for the Clueless

Most important of all: quit trying to figure out how to trick the search engines. Just stop. Every trick that's identified is quickly overcome by the very bright engineers developing the search engines and they all talk about the latest tricks they discover with each other. It's just not worth the time you spend trying to figure out the latest search optimisation trick because the effects you will gain are only temporary.

Plus! You're missing the point if you implement those tricks. What gives your website great rankings?


4 Questions You Should Ask your Website Development Team

Even website development groups have to have a basic understanding in SEO. While there are many tricks and techniques for increasing traffic through search engine results pages, there are some basics that every site simply needs and your web team can implement those quickly and easily as part of their expected effort. Ask your team what those techniques are and how their efforts have increased your website's visibility to the search engines.


Website Developer Best Practices for Speed Loading

Here's a performance rule many web developers don't know: 80-90% of user response time is spent downloading the components of a web page. That means the images, styles, scripts, flash, etc. The first inclination by many website developers is to redesign the web application to work in a distributed architecture, which might include such daunting tasks as synchronizing session state and replicating database transactions across server locations.


Why is Sydney Website Development so Hot?

The rising level of advertising in Australia has ensured that website development is still a growing trend and should support impressive changes for web development service providers in the coming years. Many Australian companies now advertise their goods and services through online methods and they are enjoying the benefits of a highly affordable and highly effective advertising venue that makes a far wider range of customers aware of their available products and services.

As companies are exploring the capabilities of online advertising, online teaching, even online information dissemination through solid web development services, there has been a sharp increase in both online advertising spend and website development spend by businesses, universities, organizations and more to achieve the kind of unheard of revenue jumps that are now becoming possible and heard about on a daily basis. What school or company wouldn't want those advertising numbers?


Tips to Consider Before You Hire a Website Developer

Before you consider choosing any web developer – firm or individual – you'll want to see their portfolio. It's less of a concern whether any of the sites in the portfolio are live or outside the firewall, because designers sometimes design sites to showcase their work or are asked to design websites that are internal to a particular company. It's most important to see how the site they have built works. Is the layout easy to navigate? Do the links work and are they logically understood?

What is their process and do they show you their progress as it develops? This is an important question because you'll want to provide feedback as the site develops. Almost never does a client see what they wanted the first time and website developers are used to that – they build into the process feedback loops if they're smart so they can hear feedback from the client. If they don't have a process that allows for incorporating feedback, reconsider. You'll likely get a website that does exactly what you wanted it to, but you'll want to make changes after seeing it. That's just human nature.


Top 10 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Breaking the back button. This is a basic principle of website design usability. Don't override the browser controls under any circumstance. Again, treat your users like they know what they are doing and let them keep the control.

Cluttering your website design with badges. First, lots of badges and network communities look like you're trying too hard. Even if you're talking about awards and recognition badges, these should be placed in the about content instead as supporting material and less of bragging rights.


Make Sure Your Online Marketing Team Works in Unison

Ensuring that the search engine optimisation and search engine marketing experts on your website's marketing team are working together means your website will be regularly indexed by leading search engines. It means drawing high-quality users to your web pages and answering their needs. It means increasing your site's prominence through effective cross links – all of which will achieve a useful website that pays for itself and works to bring in revenue.

Search engine marketing and search engine optimisation done well means that the solutions your company provides to the paying public can be found quickly by those who are searching for them. Plus, by getting your teams working together, it doesn't have to cost a fortune and the results will have a tremendous impact on how your customers find your products and services.


Hiring a Graphic Designer? Keep these ideas handy

So, what do you need to know before you hire a designer for your graphics? If you want to do the work of finding the right graphic designer yourself, you'll start with an Internet search. If you want a local person, that is, someone you can meet face-to-face, then narrow your search by region so you can find a local graphic designer.

First, you'll want to look for a person who's got a professional, visually appealing website to start. After all, if they're any good at graphic design, then their site ought to be terrific, don't you think? How else will they showcase their work?


Your Complete All-In-One Graphic Design Solution

We can provide all design services to you without you having to have multiple designers from different companies collaborating. This is both time and cost effective and you leave with a stronger graphic design result.

In our experience we have found that some designers excel at logo design while others excel at website design. Our team is large enough to allow our designers to work only on the areas that they love and are specialists at. By doing this we ensure that you, our clients get the highest quality of work in the quickest time possible.


Offshore Software Development Best Practices

The overall impression of offshore software development or outsourced software development is sometimes less than positive. The business world – in any part of the globe – is always looking for ways to reduce their operational expenses. On the other hand, skilled experts who like to do great work are always looking for new opportunities. One of the more recent, and more successful, exercises in outsourcing has been with outsourced IT. This is where companies outsource the management and maintenance of their information technology infrastructure to experts who happen to work remotely. It's important to understand that offshore software development – when implemented with well-defined best practices and accountability – can also go very well.


Tips to Hiring the RIGHT Website Designer

While we can all agree that websites don't happen magically – there's a lot of work that goes into those websites that work well and are pleasant to look at – it can be harder to figure out how to hire a website design team that will give your business the kind of web design you envision. Of course, the decision is further clouded because there are innumerable choices available these days, from hiring a freelancer all the way up to choosing a big website design firm specializing in high-end web designs. Sydney business owners like business owners across the globe, these days are presented with a wide variety of choices – and choice is good, right?


Website Designer Trends in 2011

Website designers can uses these traditional media typefaces in combination with larger headers and images in ways that demand the viewer sit up and take notice. Of course, getting the user to sit up and take notice is always what web designers want to accomplish and this is a great new technique.


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