Divulge Magento for Incredible Shopping Experience

Business owners are very sceptical when it comes to eCommerce. In the recent years, Magento has been popularly avowed as a one stop shop that is most voluminously used for eCommerce website development. Simply put, Magento is E-commerce at its best. With Magento, everything from the store front to the website’s layout can be customised allowing merchants to go beyond the boundaries of innovation and create incredible shopping experience. Magento is the choice of over 200,000 retailers across the globe, and is the fastest ecommerce platform in the world.

Regardless the size of your operation, if the primary function of your website is ecommerce, Magento is industry leader for a reason. Magneto is an open source ecommerce software used to develop and design responsive, scalable and high-performance websites. Magento Web developers are highly proficient in delivering customised Magento solutions to merchants that align with their business specific needs. They pay extreme attention to detail and ensure you get a great ecommerce website by offering coveted Magento development services for your business.

Magento powered online stores offer customers an excellent shopping experience. Magento offers feature rich method for online selling, organising and promoting products and services, order processing and integrating secure payment gateways. Magento is a platform that can easily be tweaked and customised to suit the customer specific needs of a client.

Magento is exceedingly flexible, its cutting-edge features make it a key choice of business owners. It’s incredibly easy to work with and employ new features in Magento. The sites built on this platform have become easier to use, even quicker to load, and more secure than even before. Magento development companies build eye catchy and easy to navigate websites. They incorporate all the features and functionalities you plan to include on your online store.

What can Magento do for you?

Magento takes care of your entire website and ecommerce operations. Some of the exceptional features are highlighted below:

1. Responsive design - You can quickly create a site optimised for any device using responsive design reference theme. Responsive design imparts customers a wonderful experience on desktop, mobile and tablet. Responsive design includes all major flows, features and product type. Reduced long term maintenance costs and easy site updates are among major benefits of responsive design.

2. Developers Friendly - Magento developers find it easy to update content and add pages to the website. Easy navigation and linking of pages in Magento saves considerable amount of time of developers.

3. Third party integrations Seamlessly connect your ecommerce store to external third-party services by linking to email providers and order management systems. This ensures a multi-supportive platform.

4. Multiple store Management With Magento, running and managing multiple stores from single administrative panel has become stress free. Magento makes it possible to set up each store in single admin panel with its unique product catalogue.

5. Scalable Magento is written in PHP which makes it very easy to add new features as per project requirement and this will scale your solution.

6. SEO Edge Magento has unique feature ‘Magento SEO’. This feature allows for better optimisation of your e-commerce site, Page traffic, indexing, landing pages are managed efficiently by Magento SEO. Since Magento is built with SEO efficiency, Magento users can give their products a great chance to rank on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. This way you can boost ranking of your website and thereby increase the number of customers to your website.

7. Effective Administration You need advanced programming skills and professional expertise during customisation, but the admin system of Magento is extremely easy to use, so even if you do not have valuable information, you will not face any problem while implementing changes to your website when it is required. Moreover, the reporting and analysis modules are easier to understand and operate.

8. A great extension market place Magento offers a lot of extensions that can be easily managed to suffice business requirements. Merchants can easily expand their website’s features using diverse extensions. Every merchant has unique business specific requirements, using different extensions merchants can increase features of their website. Moreover, Magento extensions can be obtained for different requirements, so you can get huge help from developers/community and get your desired extensions. The pricing of the extension for CRM integration is extremely cheap.

9. Versatile Content Management System CMS of Magento makes use of WYSIWYG editor with support for rich content. You can build complex content pages, create menus, restrict publishing privileges, create multiple versions of a page. It gives you autonomy of adding CMS pages to the navigation menu, allowing you to create, copy or delete various CMS hierarchy trees for each website and store view individually.

10. Full customisation Your site will be unique to your brand. Magento powered sites can be fully customised, from the look of your site to the way of configuring product categories and features, everything is custom. This level of customisation indicates that virtually everything needs to be coded from scratch.

11. A quick checkout process to reduce basket abandonment. Quick checkout extension eliminates standard checkout processes and keep customers attracted to your ecommerce store. Quick checkout Magento extension makes checkout process to be simpler in a while. Once it is installed, customers are required to choose a product, add it to cart and proceed checkout on a single page.

12. Modular Architecture Extremely modular architecture allows you to perform deep customisations of both front end including layouts and templates and backend including event, observer, grid, rewrites, etc.

Magento is well acclaimed by world’s leading brands for its flexibility, innovative features and robust performance. Hundreds of extensions or apps that Magento features can be leveraged to create the ecommerce store of your dreams. Magento work seamlessly, if you require an online eCommerce store that’s customised for your enterprise needs.

The Bottom Line

If you want to ensure your ecommerce site work as your sales channel, hire Magento specialists to grow and penetrate a broader market for your business. Magento web design companies employ certified Magento developers having requisite skill, experience and knowledge to integrate Magento with your existing product structure and data. Mobile and SEO friendly ecommerce stores offer perfect way out to increase market share, reach customers and maximise potential profits.

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