Emotional Engagement in Website Design – Striking the Right Cord!

A successful web designer isn’t just a technology freak. He has to add a human touch to the websites and applications he creates so that the users can engage with them. Understanding the psychology of the target audience is crucial in order to get the message across and hold on the attention of the users for long. A website design has to establish an emotional connection with the users in order to build a desire among the users to try the services and products, build customer loyalty and rope in more business.

Understanding the psychology of the target audience

The behaviour of the web users differs from person to person. While some people react as per their instinct, others take a rational decision. It is the responsibility of the website design to understand what the audience expects out of their website. A thorough market research on consumer behaviour is advisable if you want to understand the customers’ psychology.

Some of the desirable emotions and reactions expected from a site visitor/customer are - Interest, Acceptance, Anticipation, Joy, Trust, Vigilance, Ecstasy and Admiration

These are the positive emotions that every website owner expects to generate from the users with the hope of boosting conversion rates, checking the bounce rates and ensuring business growth.

How does emotional engagement influence purchase decisions?

This is a general fact in business marketing that almost 90% of buying decisions are taken by the customers because of an unconscious emotional response. This applies to customers who shop online as well. This unconscious emotional response may be triggered because of various factors, such as-

  • The first impression- When a site visitor has a positive first impression of a website, the desirable emotions such as interest, anticipation, trust etc. tend to develop. These factors influence most people to take a positive action on the site. A webs designer must ensure that the first encounter of the visitors with the client’s business is memorable and pleasant.
  • Impulsive decision- Most people take a decision without thinking too much. If something looks exciting and appealing they have the tendency to purchase it immediately. In order to captivate such an audience, the web designer must ensure that the purchase process is user-friendly and fast.
  • Risk involved- Whenever there is risk involved when purchasing a particular product, people are mostly averse to purchase it. The fear of loss is on their mind and they tend to back out. To prevent such a reaction, the feeling of safety and trust has to be established by the web designer by portraying the products to be safe, trustworthy and with zero per cent risk.
  • Herd mentality- Another influential factor in the purchase decision of the online users is herd mentality. People are more likely to use a product or service when they know other people are using it and like it. This cultivates a feeling of acceptance and trust which instigates people to go with the crowd thinking and make a purchase. To generate such a reaction from the users, the web designer must add information which indicates that more people are using the products/services offered on the site and are happy with it.
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