Facebook's "Report" Feature Comes to Your Rescue

Facebook has always been up on its toes to help its users at each step of their social experience on this website. There are many features that help users to report any form of abuse, harassment or misuse on this social networking site. A dedicated team of Facebook employees across the world work 24x7 to keep its “Report” feature running. This feature is handled in 24 different languages, to ensure that the site is safe and secure for its users all the time.

How the “Report” feature works?

The User Operations teams that handle all the reporting forward a particular report to the Safety team, the Hate and Harassment team, the Access team, or the Abusive Content team, depending on the type of report a user makes. So, if you have reported for a hacked account or loss of access to your account, your report will be referred to the Access team.

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Once the report has been directed to a team and proper investigation has been conducting after reviewing the report, one of the possible actions are taken:

1. The content is deemed acceptable and within Facebook policies, so no action is necessary.

2. The content is found to violate Facebook policies and is removed from the site.

3. The content is extremely offensive or illegal, and the investigation is escalated to include law enforcement.

In case of violation of Facebook Community Standards, the User Operations team may disable certain privileges of the user, prevent further sharing, or revoke/limit future access to Facebook. Furthermore, the company also works with external groups and experts such as law enforcement, suicide prevention agencies, the Safety Advisory Board, and the National Cyber Security Alliance, to ensure hassle-free experience and protection for its 900 plus million users.

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