Google's EMD Algorithm Update Targets Low Quality Exact Match Domains

Google loves to surprise (rather, shock) the SEO industry every other day. Discussion forums and blogging sites are abuzz with discussions related to the latest EMD (exact match domain) algorithm update that happened on 28th September 2012. According to Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam department, the search results for low-quality exact-match domains would change, following the update. This means that the website owners who were cashing in on the high ranking of their sites, courtesy exact match domains, can no longer get the limelight merely on the basis of that.

Before the update, a number of websites with exact-match domain climbed the ranking ladder solely on the basis of the use of a targeted keyword in the URL. Majority of webmasters and search engine optimisers, with the aspirations of higher ranking and greater visibility, created poor-quality EMD websites and got all the attention. However, Google's latest update has ended the good times for these websites. A large number of low-quality EMD sites have not tumbled down just a few ranks, rather they have been almost kicked out of search results. This update is being viewed as positive news for legitimate sites that have now got more room to gain top rankings due to high-quality content and white hat SEO practices.

While on one hand the update brings an end to low quality exact-match domains, claims of high-quality EMDs getting hit has also been reported. Moreover, a number of non-EMDs have witnessed a fall in the rankings as well. This is an indication towards another Panda update that targeted factors, such as keyword stuffing in web page content and keyword tags, poor quality backlinks, misappropriate use of H1 tags, page authority, and domain authority.

All these updates by Google have been changing the search engine optimisation process was performed few years ago. In times like now, superior quality content and links, and white hat strategies are the only key to achieve consistent results on Google search.

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