Google Lashes Out at Phone Number Spammers

Google’s determination to remain the top choice for users across the world makes it come up with new updates and announcements to ensure superior user experience. On behalf of Google, its web spam team head, Matt Cutts, has come forward to openly criticise those websites that rank well on the search results for all those random phone numbers. Google believes that listing thousands of phone numbers on a single page is against its guidelines, is keyword stuffing and a spam.

Such an activity leads to poor user experience and is a violation of the guidelines provided by the search engine, according to Matt. Here is an example of such websites that flash too many phone numbers on a single page:

This declaration from Google should be seen as a warning signal for websites that participate in such activities. There is every possibility that the search engine might impose penalties in near future for this.

However, Matt stated that there are some genuine websites that enlist phone numbers on a single web page to let people discuss a specific phone number that keeps calling them over and over. It seems that Google will not prosecute such websites as they provide value-add for some phone numbers. But those sites that are violating the guidelines better watch out, before it is too late.

Article source: seroundtable

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