Google Penguin Attack: Recovery Tips and More!

After Panda, Google has now upgraded its ranking algorithm further with the recent introduction of Google Penguin. This is another effort by this leading search engine to have a robust ranking algorithm that favours the quality websites and eliminates black hat SEO tricks. Since its introduction on 24th April 2012, several websites’ rankings have plummeted down by a great extent.

It is known to all that Google is very strict about the quality of results that appear when a searcher makes a query. According to Google, the Penguin update is “Another step to reward high-quality sites.” The black hat search engine optimisation strategies such as keyword stuffing are the primary target of Google Penguin, according to Google’s Matt Cutts. He states that the update will now significantly decline the rankings of the websites that have so far enjoyed favourable ranking on Google only because of keyword stuffing. These sites have violated Google’s existing quality guidelines and with the help of the update, the search engine will be able to restore the quality standards by indexing only those websites that offer something of value to the searchers.

While the carnage is still on, search engine optimisation experts from around the world are coming up with the possible factors for which Penguin may hit your ranking adversely and the recovery tips for the sufferers. Shared below are some of the recovery tips that search engine optimisers believe would help in restoring your ranking on Google search results page-

  • Do away with keyword stuffing
  • Go for natural link anchor text
  • Work towards increasing quality links to your web pages
  • Remove links from blogrolls
  • Reduce the internal link anchor text
  • Don’t opt for exact match domains
  • Try negative SEO
  • Don’t use cloaking
  • Do not indulge in malicious behaviour, such as phishing or installing viruses
  • Add some value to your site and ensure positive user experience
  • Shift the content to a new domain
  • Redesign the website to make it smaller with fewer pages
  • Write high-quality content
  • Integrate social elements, i.e. Google+ Sharing
  • Conduct a site audit to identify problem areas
  • Apply long term strategies, and avoid short cuts to top ranking

Matt Cutts, on behalf of Google, stated that the sites ranking on top despite having substandard content are doing more than white hat SEO to manipulate search engine rankings. If your site has been hit by Penguin, the above discussed tips might help you give a new lease of life to your site by abiding by the quality guidelines.

With Panda and Penguin, Google wants to encourage webmasters to compete for top ranking on its search pages in an ethical and legitimate manner. The webmasters who haven’t felt the axe yet, should quickly take the preventive measures immediately.

Google also lists 4 basic principles that should be inherent to a quality website:

  • Design websites for users, not robots
  • Avoid manipulative ranking strategies
  • Stay away from link schemes with web spammers
  • Don’t use unauthorised computer programs to check rankings or for online business submissions

Article sources: seroundtable

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