Optimising Conversions on eCommerce Sites by Eliminating UX Barriers

User experience (UX) is ubiquitous to successful website design. It is all about what users perceive while engaging with your site from start to finish. Usability, information architecture and intuitive design are key contributors of superior user experience on websites. UX, as the industry calls it, has a special role in e-commerce websites, where keeping the user interest at the centre of the design is crucial.

Why UX is Important for E-Commerce Websites?

Converting visitors into buyers is the sole objective of an e-commerce websites, and a UX-focused website can do that with much ease. While user experience cannot be designed per se, application of user-centred design practices can help in generating the desired experience for the users, so that they are enticed to take favourable actions on the site.

While it is of utmost importance, there are many UX hurdles that adversely impact conversions.

So, What are These Barriers and How do We Break Them?

Conversion rate optimisation can be defined as a method of maximising the percentage of visitors that convert into customers by creating superior user experience. By providing fast, hassle-free purchase experience to the visitors, online retailers can achieve their ultimate goal of optimising conversions. However, a number of times, the visitors are unable to make a sale due to several reasons. Given below are some of the commonly encountered UX issues for conversions, and the ways to overcome them –

1. Missing/improper product information –The success of an e-commerce website rides highly on the way products are categorised and displayed, and how much information is provided. Clear images from different angles, product specifications, price and features – all of this information must be provided for each product that is offered on the site.

2. Complicated payment systems - There is nothing worse than turning away customers because of unreliable payment system on your site. Make it easy for them to make the payments through credit cards or even cash on delivery. Also, it is important to provide assurance to the customers that their payment information would remain confidential. This is a great way to build up trust among the buyers.

3. Unreliable returns policy - A clearly defined returns policy can definitely win the trust of your target audience. With the help of a legal expert, draft a returns policy that informs the visitors that they have the liberty of returning the purchased items within a specified time and get a full refund of their payment, if they are not satisfied with it. All the terms and conditions should clearly be specified in this document.

4. Confusing navigation structure - Another factor that prevents the interested visitors from converting into buyers is poor navigation structure. It is very important to have broad categories of products as well as sub-categories that list out all the possible product lines that you offer. Besides the main navigation bar, which should ideally be placed on the top of the web page, a side bar menu is also a good way to simplify navigation. Moreover, listing out the product categories in an alphabetical order and providing filter options to the users are also ways of simplifying the navigation.

5. Guest checkout - Quick guest checkout is vital for positive user experience and high conversions. Visitors don’t want to do much legwork on your site, especially when they are ready to purchase an item(s). So it is crucial to simplify the checkout process.

With these points in mind, you must design the website and optimise each web page in a manner so that the focus remains most on the interest of the users.

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