Robust Magento Solutions: Dealing with Shopping Cart Abandonment in Ecommerce

Losing money, collapsing sales, low conversion rate, disgruntled customers – If you’re going through all of this in your ecommerce business, you are certainly not alone. As much as exciting it is to run an ecommerce business, all online retailers are bound to suffer from adverse conditions and face critical challenges across different phases of their business cycle. Shopping cart abandonment is one such critical issue that online sellers come across every day.

An intended buyer visits your ecommerce store, browses around, adds one or more favourite products to their cart, gets in the checkout line and then they are gone, mysteriously. Leaving the store without completing the purchase before you could even realise what just happened. Losing potential orders when they are almost done - what can be more painstaking for an online retailer?

Cart abandonments can be a great deal of pain and loss for any retailer selling online. According to a latest web research report, the average rate of cart abandonment is 68.53%. While the mere thought of losing potential customers and sales is daunting, it’s not like there’s nothing you can do about it.

The market is flooded with robust Magento extensions for ecommerce stores when it comes to dealing with cart abandonment. Cart abandonment being a major problem among online retailers, Magento specialists and developers have come up with a number of solutions that can efficiently reduce cart abandonment rates and help your business get higher store revenues.

But before we move on to those solutions, take a quick glance at why customers leave their cart mysteriously, even when it is full of their favourite items. What actually encourages them to leave their purchases a click away?

What Pushes Them Into Abandoning Their Shopping Carts?

It’s quite evident that customers leaving their carts without making purchases have a lot to do with the checkout process. Having said that, here are a few reasons to their sudden yet intentional disappearance from the store.

1. But, you never mentioned I’m going to have to pay extra to get this thing delivered to my place! Ugh, forget it. –Believe it, customers find it frustrating to discover at the very last moment about those additional charges they’ve to pay for the product they so wanted that they simply choose to leave right-away and most likely land on the competitor’s website.

2. How long is this going to take? Drop it! An ecommerce store including too many (complicated) steps to check out can literally drive customers away from the store. Online buyers tend to like things simple and smooth. Put in simple easy steps and consider collecting the information you need post-purchase.

3. Ugh, this is too slow, I’d better buy from someone else! Retailers often make the mistake of hosting their website on average performing server, making the site load slow and sometimes even crash, which in turn affects the search visibility of the website, customer experience as well as overall sales.

4. Oh, it would take me about 2 weeks to get this thing? Forget it! Be sure to communicate your shipping options. Customers are likely to leave their cart due to unpleasant shipping times. Be transparent with your delivery options and rates, especially during special occasions and holiday periods.

What all these points shout is if you want your customers coming back for more, go painless with your checkout process.

How Can You Combat Rising Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates?

Now that you’ve pretty much known why those customers leave their carts right at the checkout stage, we could start with how work out painful cart abandonments. Shoppers leaving your store behind without purchasing can be dealt in two ways: By making improvements before cart abandonment and after cart abandonment.

What You Can Do Before Abandonment?

While your customer is still on your website, there are a few things you could do to your online store to help enhance customer’s experience before they reach the cart and checkout process. Here are some changes you can make to your store:

1. Display Product Images: Using clear images of products along with the text is a great way to let them have a complete idea of what they are buying and avoid any confusions and false impressions.

2. Put in Security Icons: The issue of credit card and payment security gives rise to a lot of fear in customer’s mind. Add security logos and compliance information to remove your customers’ fears and concerns around security and make them certain about their decision to buy from you.

3. Offer Multiple Payment Methods: Let your buyers make payments through their desired mode to ensure a great shopping experience. Include the most preferred payment networks like MasterCard, American Express, Visa and PayPal at the time of checkout.

4. Make it Easier to Edit Cart: Buyers may add items to their cart and later feel uncertain about their selection and may want to remove or replace their item(s). This is where you could positively add to their shopping experience by making it as simple as possible for them to change their order before checking out.

5. Communicate Price Guarantees and Refunds: There’s nothing that can do better to ease the checkout process for customers than offering a price guarantee to assure them that they’ve found the best deal. Added to that, give them a clear refund policy while offering them peace of mind.

What all these points shout is if you want your customers coming back for more, go painless with your checkout process.

What You Can Do After Abandonment?

While ensuring the aforementioned points to prevent car abandonment from even occurring would be the best idea, you can still manage to get your customers back to your store after they’ve abandoned their cart. Email marketing is the optimum tactic for all “after cart” abandonments.

An abandoned cart email consisting of a personalised message and a link to their abandoned cart can be sent to the customer to convince the buyer to check out. In addition, you can offer them some kind of coupon or discount in the email to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Search engine re-marketing is another robust method to get your abandoned customer back to complete the purchase. This SEO marketing method uses PPC advertising platforms like Google Adwords to target a brand advertisement specifically at the customer while he/she is purchasing from some other store after leaving yours.


Although there are multiple tactics to drive customers to your store and encourage them to make purchases, there would still be people who will get to the payment gateway with their cart and decide not to continue. So, you can never completely solve the issue of cart abandonment. However, you could easily reduce the number of cart abandonments on your website by either adhering to the tactics mentioned in the blog or getting help from a Magento specialist or a professional ecommerce development company that is adept and capable of increasing ecommerce revenues with their advanced methodologies.

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