Rule the Roost with a Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Combination

The competition among businesses for online dominance is stiff. Business owners pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the claimed online marketing ‘experts’ to cement their prominence on various search engines, social networking sites, and every other online platform. However, the amount of money spent on online marketing isn’t enough; rather, a smart approach is required that ensures greater returns on lesser investment.

Social media websites are a hot property on the Internet as people from all walks of life have their presence felt on it. It has become too easy for businesses to contact their target market in the most effective manner. Businesses can integrate their website with their social media profiles and hope for an increase in the site traffic. However, despite a positive response on these social sites, the traffic on their business website remains unaffected. What could possibly the root cause for low site traffic? One possible reason is absence of search engine marketing from its social media marketing campaign.

Your competitors have obviously invested in either search engine marketing or social media marketing strategies. However, if you formulate a strategy that combines the social media and search engine marketing campaigns, you can gain an edge over these businesses. Social media marketing on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, combined with search engine marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising can strengthen your marketing efforts, and bring new customers and new sales to your business.

While effective search engine marketing and social media marketing can bring evident results, enhancing your visibility, practically on the entire World Wide Web, it is easier said than done. A lot of brain storming, research, strategizing, planning and proper implementation need to be done to ensure guaranteed results. This is where the role of a professional online marketing expert comes into pictures.

Once you hire the professional, it becomes his responsibility to identify your target market, the behaviour of the prospects within the online environment, the top social networking sites and search engines used by the target audience, and various other aspects. Once these factors are determined, the online marketer has to devise unique strategies that ensure the social media marketing efforts support the search engine marketing efforts and vice-versa.

When the online marketer works on the search engine marketing campaign, the social media marketing efforts are also supported, by means of –

  • Keyword research
  • On-site optimisation

Similarly, when the marketer works on the social media marketing campaign, the search engine marketing efforts are strengthened, by means of –

  • Improved reputation management
  • Building brand image so that the search results are trustworthy

Search engine marketing is a relatively older concept and many people have mastered it. One can use this service to strengthen their presence on search engines. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is a newer concept that is still evolving and nobody knows its full potential. Smart businessmen can use the novelty of this concept to their advantage. They can invest in social media marketing to get new strategies that can give you newer and better results than your competitors.

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