Single Page Web Design is the Way to Go!

Creativity has no limits- but in web design one has to refrain from going over the board with his creative ideas. The latest creative trend in web design is single page website design. Besides being a creative idea, it is also more user-oriented, cost-effective and professional way of presenting your business to the entire world. When working on a single page web design, one has to ensure that he uses the content, graphics, fonts, colours and the layout in a very smart manner, so that each section on the page gets its own space and importance.

A single page website design can be useful for almost all kinds of businesses or agencies; however, it is most effective when used for a business that has very streamlined product offerings. Yet, every web designer who desires to stand ahead of the league and provide a unique browsing experience to the site visitors. In a single page website design, use of content, graphics and other bells & whistles.

Some common benefits of one page website design include- Very easy navigation, easy communication of the desired message, less usage of bandwidth and enhanced user experience. Such websites provide the relevant information to the site visitors at a single click and consume very little time for them to reach to the main point.

Given below are some examples of creatively built websites with single page web design-

  • Mixtel Design & Illustration- The design of this website is concise, comprehensive and completely user-friendly. The smart use of footer also makes the design unique and very interesting for the users.
  • Emilie & Vincent- This again is a great example of one page website design that gives a wonderful browsing experience to the site visitors. In this site, very little content is used, and most of the message has been conveyed through graphics.
  • Anna Safroncik- This is a dynamic website design that displays all its content in a single page. Here, the use of images is extensive but nowhere does the page look cluttered or over the top.
  • Air Jordan 2012- This Flash-based web design changes the conventional way of browsing a website. In a single page, it manages to convey the entire message through interactive and dynamic imagery.
  • Fish Marketing- In order to represent its advertising business, the web design adopts a very unique style in which a lot of content and graphics are used and have been divided into sections in a comprehensive and subtle manner.
  • Creative People- As the name suggests, this website is based on a very creative way of web design. The designer has given a very unique touch to the navigation part, allowing users to reach the desired information without scrolling down.
  • The Social Calling- This website is another example of unique single page web design. With the header remaining intact, the rest of the site’s content has to be scrolled down.
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