The Kingdom of Search Engine Optimisation: Content is the King and Links are the Queen

Businesses all over the world are investing in specialised website design and development services in order to mark their presence on the Internet. However, most of them are left pondering about what went wrong when, despite all the efforts, their website is nowhere to be found. To help such businesses overcome the looming downfall in their website design efforts, search engine optimisation can take up a prominent role.

Search engine optimisation refers to the process of enhancing the visibility of a website, and striving for top position on the search engine result pages. It is because of this process that you can actually enjoy high returns on your website design efforts.

There are two most significant aspects of search engine optimisation that can determine the success or failure of your efforts of bringing your website closer to the audiences. These aspects are- Content and Links.

No matter how clich├ęd it may sound, the website content is and will always be the king. Also, the links to your website are the queen. A combination of high quality and informative content and reliable links ensure successful search engine optimisation and top ranking on the SERPs.

The king: Content

In the kingdom of search engine optimisation, the first thing to be taken care of is the content. If the content focuses merely on keyword optimisation and proximity, its quality will be compromised, and search engines will give no value to such content. This is why a special treatment is required when working on the content of your website. You need to ensure that the king (read: content) works for its people and not for itself. So your website content should not be based on what you want to tell the customers, rather it should focus on what the customers would want to know about your business, brand, and product offerings. Words have the power to convey the ideas you have in your mind in the most engaging and interactive manner, allowing users to retain the information.

The quality of the content has to be of premium quality if you want the search engines as well as the users to pay attention to your website and business. Dubious information or duplicity can never be tolerated by the search engines, and if you end up putting such content on your website, search engines will no longer favour you over your competitors.

When working on the content, you must ensure that the target keywords are used strategically, it is supported with relevant images and videos, and only the necessary details are mentioned in a concise yet engaging manner.

The Queen: Links

When your content has been finalised and optimised with superior quality, it is time to link up your website with other reliable sites, in order to gain higher visibility on the web. Links are just as important as quality content is in search engine optimisation, and they are of two types- inbound (backlinks) and outbound links. Search engines love websites that have thousands of quality links pointing to your website. Backlinks are a contributing factor towards high PR and quality traffic to your website. Similarly, outbound links can bolster your search engine optimisation strategy. However, it is important to choose the outbound links carefully because having too many outbound links can go against your SEO plans.

If you want your website to rule the search engines, it is important to strengthen the role of content and the links in your SEO strategies. The success of your search engine optimisation dynasty relies hugely on the content and the links.

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