The Web Design Industry Shows Interest in Pinterest!

Launched in March 2010, this virtual pinboard is all rage not only because of the idea around which it revolves but also for its attractive web design.The visual simplicity and usability of this website has been inspiring website designers all over the world on trying grid-based web design like never before.

The web design industry is also using this platform to put their best work on Pinterest and generate new traffic to their portfolio websites.

While grids were entrenched in the culture of print design for many years, it took some years to get implemented in the field of web design – and Pinterest is among the few websites that ignited interest in grids in the website design community. As its network approaches 20 million users per month, it is safe to say that Facebook and Twitter have a new and strong competitor in the field.

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How can you integrate the design features of Pinterest into your own website design?

If you want to build an incredible website, there are a number of design elements on Pinterest that you can take inspiration from. Some of these key elements are discussed below:

Simple user-interface – You see a picture, you click on it and you do that again. It is this simple! The high quality pictures are the primary content of the site. So whatever the user wants to search and say is through images, making is very user-friendly.

Uniform image size – The grid style used on Pinterest’s design highlights the importance of using uniform sizes for both portrait and landscape images. Such a feature makes the web page look clean and attractive.

Image over text – Pinterest features only quality pictures that are attractive enough to capture the attention of the users. This also suggests that people are now bored of simple text. Most people can digest the story more easily by looking at the pictures instead of reading text.

Easy navigation – Without the navigation, Pinterest is just pretty pictures. It is the intuitive linking structure on the site that makes it easy for users to know where they are, where they want to go, where they started from and how to get back.

Simple background – This isn’t really a new concept. Numerous website design experts have always stressed on the importance of having simple backgrounds on websites. A basic background perfectly complements the content on the web page, highlights it and makes it look elegant.

User interaction – Adding interactivity in a website is one of the best success mantras in web designing, and Pinterest has implemented this feature with great finesse. You too can add a comment section on your important web pages to start a conversation and involve users with your website.

While Pinterest is growing up to become one of the top powerhouse social media platforms, we will witness a growth in the Pinterest-inspired websites all around us.

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