When Integrating Search Engine Optimisation in Web Design

No company is too small or too big for an online presence, and a professional website is the best way to do so. There are multiple opportunities for businesses of all sizes to captivate opportunities on the web that they may have been missing by sticking to offline marketing techniques. A web design that values clickability and search engine ranking algorithm manages to achieve the success that they deserve.

Search engine-friendly web design is not just about aiming for top ranking on web search engines. If you apply search engine optimisation strategies in your web design, you not only make it useful for the search engines, but also for the people who will access the site and engage with your brand. When working on the search engine optimisation aspects of a web design, you have to ensure that the site is clickable (i.e. it has features/elements that are worth clicking at). All the links, call to action, and individual web pages of the site should be clickable and should, of course, look clickable as well. If your links are hidden in the non-clickable text, without any highlights, users will not be able to identify the links that they can click. Just building a beautiful website cannot take your business to new heights. Also, top ranking on search engines would extract too much business for you, if the users are not happy browsing through your site. What a developer/designer thinks of his website is different from what the users perceive it as. Thus, it is important to keep the user in mind, when working on a search engine-friendly website. Happy users are those who can easily find a website on the search engine (thanks to professional search engine optimisation), find the desired information on the site within minutes, and is able to take a positive action on the site.

Search engine optimisation cannot save your web design if you completely overlook the usability factor (from human point of view) and concentrate only on making it useful for the robots, you are not going to be too happy with the performance of your online business. It is important to remember that humans can be your customers, not the robots. Thus, it is very crucial to integrate the search engine optimisation factors in your web design, not to please the search engines, but to get the nod from the users and convince them to try your services.

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