Why a Google+ Presence is Imperative for Your Business?

There are a number of social media websites that have different popularity levels. But most of them, such as Facebook and Twitter, are popular globally, and have been embraced by the business world as effective marketing vehicles. The latest contender for Facebook and Twitter is Google+. Launched by the undisputed champion of Internet search itself, the social platform is yet to realize its full potential and create niche for itself. Yet many people are speculating that this platform would soon beat the likes of Facebook and Twitter to become the number one social media website across the world.

When it isn’t still the top social media platform, then why invest in it?

Whether you are ready to use Google+ for your business or not, consider this- Google is the top search engine in the world, with 40,000 searches happening every second. So if you have a Google presence in any form, you are bound to get more leverage for your search engine ranking. It’s the mere enormity of Google that makes Google+ for business. The company has consistently been working on improving its services in order to maintain its influence on the web. User experience has always been a priority for Google, and it is continuing to integrate the same in its social platform as well.

Google+’s easy integration with Gmail, intuitive web interface and unique features is helping it to slowly gain the approval of the users and become a favourite.

A Business Advantage

Being a new platform there are many new features being added to it frequently. Businesses that create their Google+ accounts before their competitors, will get greater opportunity to explore and devise new strategies that can give them distinctive advantage. When done write, your Google+ results would show in search results, giving you a search engine optimisation and social media advantage. You can integrate the +1 button on your website, giving a voice to those who like your business and giving a signal to Google’s search engine crawlers.

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