Community Building

Community Building

Build long-term relationships with customers on social media

Online communities are an ideal way of bringing together people with similar interests and allow them to form specialised relationships and access information related to their interests. Sigma Infotech has a team of experts, who have years of experience in community building, to help businesses establish their brand’s presence and enhance its reputation among the highly targeted audience. We have built online communities for a variety of clients with diverse purposes and a multitude of Internet audiences.

Like-Minded People with a Common Purpose

A community is about togetherness and bonding. The community managers at Sigma Infotech are skilled at helping our clients through fan pages and community formation. We do not spam people or pay them to be part of your online community. Instead, we use ethical and interactive ways of inviting people with shared purpose to become an important part of your community.

Some of the ways through which we engage users include-

  • Debates/conflicts - We encourage healthy debates among the users.
  • Share unique information - Original and useful information also catches the users’ attention and we strive to provide that to your community members.
  • Participation as peers - Our content managers act on behalf of your company to participate in the discussions and encourage two-way communication with the members.

All these efforts make the members feel emotionally attached to the brand, and entice them to spread the word about how useful your products and services can be to them.

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Actions That Will Enhance Loyalty and Recommendations

We promote business on your community by leveraging content virality, SEO, Facebook advertising, integration on website, leveraging other SMM channels, Facebook fan updates and offline events.

Building a sense of community on social media is a great way to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Maintaining a Community is No Easy Task, But We Make It Easy for You

  • In order to make your community members more likely to buy from you, we’ll give them discounts and special offers on your behalf.
  • To encourage them recommend your products to friends, we might give them advanced information about a new product/service.
  • To make them loyal to your brand, we can also fix a meeting of top members of the community to meet your company representatives.

(All the above discussed actions are taken only after we have discussed them with you.)

Our purpose is to help our clients reach out to their target audience and gain more than just monetary benefits. Just the way we cherish our relationships with our clients, we can help you too build and cherish close relationships with your customers.


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