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We translate your business ideas into an effective custom web application

Sigma Infotech develops bespoke website application solutions that streamline business operations, save costs, enhance efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction levels. Our web applications are combined with technical expertise and open source technologies.

At Sigma Infotech, we use the following development platforms: PHP, .Net (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), web servers (Apache, MS IIS) and databases (MySQL and SQL server).

Cutting-Edge Technology Increased Efficiencies

Our PHP and .Net developers build website applications that improve business process management, manage content, handle ecommerce and build online communities. These applications are built using cutting-edge technologies that are easy to use and make it convenient to manage your business processes, documents and workflow. We ensure that the process of website application development involves a user-interface design to enhance the user experience and improve the efficiency of your staff. Our solutions help businesses to compete better in the rapidly changing global market. We offer innovative solutions that complement your most complicated business ideas.


An effective web application has the capability to enhance your business' profitability by reducing the hours spent on work tasks. It allows your employees to focus on other important tasks in an efficient manner. We understand your business requirements and carry out our website application development process that results in cost-effective solutions. The web applications that we develop benefit companies by freeing up time for their employees to enhance productivity.

Custom Website Application Solutions

The application development experts at Sigma Infotech are trained to handle each project in a unique manner in order to incorporate client ideas into the process of website application development. Each web application is created with respect to the requirements of the clients to help them achieve best results within the specified budget. Our technical team converts your ideas into an effective customised web application that is a combination of our technical expertise and business domain knowledge.

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Our Process

Our web application development process is simple and result-oriented:

  • Step 1: Requirement analysis
    We start with analysing the application elements by interacting with our clients to know their requirements. We offer professional help to them by streamlining their ambiguous ideas and using them in a correct manner.
  • Step 2: Requirement specifications
    Once the requirements are analysed, the specifications for the application are written down to understand and fine tune the application.
  • Step 3: Application architecture
    With respect to the requirements of the client, an abstract design is developed by our programmers.
  • Step 4: Coding
    In this step, the design is converted into codes that are written, implemented and maintained. This code may be a modification of existing source or something completely new.
  • Step 5: Testing
    The web application process is of complex nature and can face major hindrances in implementation if proper testing is not done. We conduct the testing process through technical investigation in order to assess quality-related issues about the product.
  • Step 6: Maintenance
    This is the final step where our developers maintain and enhance the application to cope with live problems and new requirements.

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