Custom SEO

Custom SEO

Solutions tailored to direct traffic to your website

Search engine optimisation requires a great deal of thought and evaluation of the progress of your business' performance on the web. We, at Sigma Infotech, design customised SEO packages that help unique businesses, like yours, to harness their true online potential and turn their website into a profitable sales machine. Custom SEO involves specialised writing and site design techniques that not only increase the volume of traffic to your website, but also improve the quality of the traffic coming to your website. Our customised SEO packages are based on budget, complexity of the keywords/phrases and the analysis of the competitors.

Extensive Experience that Brings Unique Solutions

We realise that every business is different and has distinctive goals and objectives. Because of this uniqueness, we need to utilise an online marketing approach that is unparalleled to others'. Robust websites of high calibre need customised search engine optimisation solutions that can be achieved through strategy, structure, persistence and hard work. We understand that every business website faces unique challenges and that can be solved through unique SEO solutions, tailored especially for the particular website. Our professional search engine optimisers adopt a personalised approach to fulfil your SEO needs. The custom SEO service offered by Sigma Infotech is highly targeted so that your business achieves top search engine placement. It is our years of experience that has enabled us to adopt a different approach to each project that we handle. Our services can be tailored and quoted to allow you the greatest flexibility possible depending on what you need in terms of budget, what your business goals are or who you want to target.

Need of Custom SEO

The best part about custom SEO solutions is flexibility. Let's say your website gets ranked for a particular keyword using a standard SEO package and now you want to optimise a more competitive keyword. Here, the standard SEO package cannot bring in sustained results because higher competition requires different approach. Each keyword has its own set of challenges and for some of them a stronger optimisation strategy has to be implemented in order to earn the coveted top position. This is why, we at Sigma Infotech create customised SEO solutions in which different approach is applied in different conditions.

Our experienced SEO experts implement the latest SEO methods to improve your website's ranking and grow your business.

Our highly strategic approach in custom SEO includes the following five steps:

  • Thorough assessment of your business' market and your competition.
  • Intense analysis of the factors needed to improve SEO with respect to the challenges faced by different keywords.
  • Careful application of organic SEO techniques tailored to improve your website's structure and visibility.
  • Smart crafting (or re-crafting) of your website's content to incorporate the results of our SEO analysis.
  • Constant monitoring of the latest updates in SEO methodology in order to apply those changes to your company's website development.

If you have a specific SEO need for which you want customised solutions, be assured that we can help you out.

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