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We deliver conversions and higher sales through customised e-commerce website solutions.

Sigma Infotech is a web design agency that specialises in creating conversion-oriented e-commerce websites for a myriad of businesses. We develop compelling and engaging interface designs for your online store that can convert website visitors into repeat customers.

We understand that every e-commerce website is unique and cannot be developed or run like any other website. Every e-commerce website must have an effective plan, customer-acquisition strategies and marketing techniques in place. Our e-commerce website experts create the perfect approach for your online store, by taking into account the customer behaviour, the influential elements in your target market, and the prevailing competition on the web. Whether you are just starting out or are planning to capture the online audience after dominating the market offline, we can create an e-commerce solution tailored specifically for you and your end-users.

Design that Gives Your Brand a Distinct Identity on the Web

There are a number of online stores on the Internet. So why should the target audience contact you? To give your prospects a viable reason to contact you instead of your competitors, we integrate brand building strategies in the site design. From the logo to the product display and the website structure, everything is designed with the objective of building an online brand that is unique and improves your bottom line. Our e-commerce websites are not only user-friendly, but are search engine-friendly as well, so that your brand is well-represented on the web. Moreover, you get full control of the content of your website, and you can update it as and when required, using our CMS solutions.

Shopping Cart that Ensures Hassle-free Shopping Experience

Just the way you invest in the infrastructure for a brick and mortar store, an online store requires investment in shopping cart software, designed to optimise the customer experience. It doesn't matter whether you are new to online selling, or want to re-establish yourself on the web - We can customise shopping cart solutions that meet your objectives, support your brand and ensure quick checkout for your customers, within a specified budget. Our shopping cart solutions are quick, easy-to-use, risk free and help you make changes in real-time.

Navigation that Guides the Customer from Start to Finish

From the time a visitor enters your site to the time he exits, we chart out a smooth navigation path that inspires the visitor to take the desirable actions. Through this familiar and intuitive navigation style, you can guide the visitor through to the product catalogues and steer them towards making the payments. We also create different navigation filters for your customers to help them find the right product quickly.

Allow us to help you start your online business off on the right foot and maximise your revenue. Call 1300 78 20 23 and speak to our e-commerce specialists about your specific requirements.

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