Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Maximise your ROI through higher leads and sales

Your clients, customers, employees and business associates are all on Facebook. This makes it imperative for you to utilise this platform for advertising your brand. Its unparalleled popularity and the ability to target particular geographical areas and demographics have helped it become a highly effective advertising opportunity. Sigma Infotech offers advertising solutions that help you exploit the potential of Facebook and target your audience on basis of their age, location, interests, gender and marital status. We have the expertise in using display ads on Facebook for building brand awareness. We believe that advertising on Facebook can work best for niche markets or larger markets with very specific ad copy targeting.

Exploiting the Unexplored Market

The social media platform is a relatively new market and businesses that want to reach the exact audience should mark their presence on sites such as Facebook, which is so far the most used social network across the world. Facebook has more than 400 million registered users across the world and it is the best opportunity for businesses of all sizes to target a global audience. People from all age groups and countries have their accounts on Facebook and you can demographically find members that will best respond to your services.

Facebook advertising is a significant tool to run both direct response marketing campaigns and to build social presence of your business. Through this tool, we help you connect at a large scale with your target market, drive more targeted traffic to your website and generate leads and sales.

How Does Facebook Advertising Differ from PPC?

In pay per click advertising (PPC), such as Google AdWords, the advertisers target the audience through specific keywords. By targeting through keywords, it becomes easier for the ads to feature on top of the SERPs when the user searches for related services. However, Facebook advertising is different. This social network is primarily meant for socialising- for people to get in touch with their friends, relatives and acquaintances. They are not there to look up for a certain service or product. So using keywords in the Facebook ads is insignificant. This is the reason why the approach towards Facebook advertising is different from PPC advertising. On Facebook, the advertiser has to begin with catching the attention of the members, developing a fan base, expanding it by emotionally engaging the members and encouraging them to purchase your products and services.

At Sigma Infotech, we follow a strategic path to realise the full benefits of Facebook advertising
  • We begin with building a fan base that comprises of the list of prospects.
  • Engage with the prospective customers by using effective customer relationship management (CRM) techniques.
  • Leverage word-of-mouth marketing to attract new prospects and entice them to make contact with you.
  • Convert the prospects into new customers.

Throughout the process of Facebook advertising for your brand, our team of social media advertisers focus entirely on building and expanding your fan base because that enhances the chances of your fans becoming your customers.

Tap into the great marketing opportunity Facebook offers now. Contact us or call us on 1300 78 20 23 or email sales@sigmainfotech.com.au.

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