Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Stimulate your business through Facebook

A Facebook presence for a company is a viable way to increase branding, brand perception, loyalty and ultimately convert social media followers into customers. All at a relatively low cost compared to other marketing initiatives. At Sigma Infotech, we provide comprehensive Facebook marketing strategies to promote your brand by converting Facebook users into your fans, engaging them with your brand and eventually, converting them into your customers. Our targeted and captivating advertising campaigns are designed to bring instant user attention towards your brand. We aim at delivering guaranteed results within your budget.

Facebook marketing is
  • Measurable - results are easy to track and monitor.
  • Cost-effective - overheads are low.
  • Flexible - from promotions to product information, competition and sales, Facebook Marketing allows businesses immediacy of communication regardless of the message.

Grow Big Through a Small Initiative

Facebook Marketing provides an opportunity for savvy online marketers to promote their business, brand, organisation or product easily and quickly. All you need to do is contact Sigma Infotech and allow us to devise a marketing plan that is most effective and result-oriented. We have helped several large and small business enterprises maximise their marketing efforts through the dynamic platform of Facebook. We have helped even newly set-up businesses to establish networks and engage their potential clients and convert their fan base into customer base. Facebook is relatively a cheap marketing tool but needs rigorous efforts, especially in the beginning of the campaign. So all we ask you to do is invest in this widely used marketing platform and see a dramatic enhancement in your ROI.

Effective Virtual Word-of-mouth Marketing

Many marketing experts believe that word of mouth promotion is much more effective than any other forms of marketing. This is why Facebook has become the much sought after medium for business promotion as it facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. Through our marketing campaigns, we encourage fans to talk about your brand and engage with it through contests and discussions. Such interactive activities elicit emotions among people and make them attached to your brand. We also ensure that your Facebook profile also serves as a platform to provide customer service post purchase, identify any disgruntled customers and solve their problems.

Guaranteed Results

When our team of specialised Facebook marketing experts work on your project, you achieve guaranteed results that facilitate business success. We make continuous updates and provide timely response to any queries that come from your prospects or your existing customers. In social media, results cannot be achieved immediately, so our dedicated marketing experts make use of all the strategies that bring in maximum results. Our objective is to bridge the gap between your business and your clients by engaging them on Facebook.

Tap into the popularity of Facebook and use it as a powerful marketing tool. Please get in touch or call us on 1300 78 20 23 to discuss your Facebook marketing requirements.

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