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Mobile Web Design

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Smartphones and other mobile devices have totally changed consumer behaviour. Consumers now want all the information in their hands and many people have started using mobile devices as their main tool for web and emails. With mobile technology coming to the fore like never before, you need to have a website that is easily accessible from mobile phones. We, at Sigma Infotech, understand the benefits and limitations of mobile website design.

Why Your Website Must Be Designed Specifically for Mobile Usage?

We are aware of the fact that usage of smartphones has increased like never before. They are a convenient medium for gathering information about anything under the Sun. So it is advisable that you have a mobile version of your website.

Websites behave differently on a mobile device than they do on a computer. The mobile website needs to be designed keeping the small screen space in mind.

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Custom-Developed Mobile Website Design:
  • Australia has world’s second most proficient users of smartphones

    Smartphones make using web an easy task and with usage of smartphones being so high in Australia, it is only wise to opt for mobile website design.
  • Stay ahead of the pack

    Not many companies are thoughtful enough to create a website that can be easily accessed through mobile phones. You can take advantage of this situation by creating a mobile version of your website, so that your target audience manages to reach out to you in a convenient manner.
  • Better access for the target market

    If your website design is not appropriate for mobile use, you are losing out a lot many potential customers, who might be willing to work with you, but are unable to know more about you. Many of the prospects, who might be trying to visit your website through mobile web, may be disappointed and may look for better options.
  • Mobile devices are handy

    It is much more convenient to access the Internet through mobile phones instead of the PCs or laptops. A key reason for having a mobile web design is that mobile phones are handy and can be carried anywhere and anytime in your pockets. Moreover, in the near future, the movability of mobile phones will drive more people to access the Internet through mobile phones.
  • Sales opportunities

    The more the number of people accessing your website, the better it is. If people visit your website through mobile web, it will be an added advantage as you can increase the sales leads generated. Thus, the mobile web design ensures higher sales and work opportunities for your business.

Go Mobile with Our Web Design Solutions

Sigma Infotech has specialist website designers who know the difference between a standard web design and mobile web design. They understand that using Flash or high resolution images would spoil the browsing experience of your prospects on the mobile. You don't want to drive away your potential customers just because your website cannot be accessed from their mobile phones. Do you?

Our web designers incorporate the following features in the mobile website design in order to enhance the browsing experience of the mobile web users and to increase the chances of sales and sales leads for the website owners:

  • Quick loading of web pages (no use of Flash and images that can make the website heavy).
  • Use of font which is readable from a small screen (around 3.5 inches) of the smartphone to ensure optimum user experience.
  • Strong call-to-action so that users can establish immediate contact with the company.
  • SEO integration in order to optimise the website and ensure higher ranking on the mobile search engines.
  • Compelling content that may be concise but strong enough to convince the visitors to send sales enquiry or buy a product.
  • Incorporation of web tools such as Google Analytics to allow you to track bounce rate and conversion rate.
  • Development of mobile apps for your business to facilitate mobile web usage of your target audience.
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