Node JS Development

Node JS Development

Node.js Development

Where applicable and technically possible, we at Sigma Infotech prefer to use Node.js over other software platforms. To begin with, we have always wanted to build fast, scalable network applications. When we undertake Node js development, that’s exactly what we get to do and that too, without any difficulty.

How Did It All Start?

Honestly, the moment we came to know that the likes of Microsoft, PayPal and Yahoo were (and still are) making use of Node.js, we considered ourselves lucky, because we had found a platform that could help us serve our clients better. And, we were right! There has been no looking back, just saying.

Why Node js Development?

First of all, node js developers need not duplicate the code in different languages. Rather they can write modules in JavaScript and share across the stack. And guess what!

Less code = less defects. No rocket science!

More importantly, this is the perfect platform for scalable, real-time web applications. The secret lies in event-loop, which just so you know completely changes the way client connections are handled. Add to that the fact that nodejs development leaves room for massive concurrency and you know that nothing comes close.

What We Can Do For You?

If have been looking for someone who can develop apps that are capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections, look no further. Thanks to Node’s non-blocking I/O, our nodejs developers can do that for you, creating such apps that is.

What Else Can You Expect?

  • Fast product delivery times
  • Large productivity gains

All said and done, Node js development is the need of the hour for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy these benefits:

  • Freedom to host new applications on cheaper virtual machines
  • The ability to achieve the desired results with fewer servers than otherwise needed
    • i.e. when traditional hosting platforms are used
  • Maximising the use of current infrastructure
If that’s you, it’s high time you get a node js developer to work on your individual needs. Call us now. Dial 1300 782 023.

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