Our SEO Process

Our SEO Process

SEO success never happens overnight. Our search engine optimisation experts work consistently to deliver outstanding results that last.

This is how we do it –

Step 1

Client consultation

Just like any other process, our SEO process also starts with you. We set up a consultation to try and understand your expectations from the website and the ranking positions you are aiming at for different web pages. This step helps our search engine optimisation team in setting up goals and objectives.

Step 2

Website analysis

Our next step is to analyse the website from search engines perspective. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration include the interlinking of the web pages, the backlinks, current search engine ranking, freshness of content, website structure, etc. We also check the website for errors in the coding, sitemap, anchor text, URL structures, content and other aspects of the site.

Step 3

Competitor analysis

When striving for the top rankings, it is important to understand where your competitors stand currently. Through our competitor analysis, we try to find out the keywords they are targeting, their backlink profile and various other factors.

Step 4

Keyword analysis

When selecting the target keywords for different web pages, we ensure that you not only get high rankings for those keywords, but also get more traffic to the targeted web pages. We perform extensive keyword research and suggest the best keywords on the basis of their search volume and competition on those words.

Step 5

URL Mapping

We not only select the right keywords for your website, but also map them to ensure that right keywords are targeted on the right web page. This approach helps us in getting high-quality traffic and high conversions on the site.

Step 6

On-page suggestions

After evaluating the search engine friendliness of your website, we suggest necessary on-page changes that meet the latest Google algorithm requirements. Suggestions are made for the Meta tags, Alt tags, Headings, Robot files, sitemap, footer links, H-card, keyword density and more.

Step 7

Off-page activities

Promoting your website is equally important, and to do so we perform off-page activities like directory submissions, blog/article/press release submissions, etc. These activities help us get high quality backlinks.

Step 8

Performance Monitoring

After each off-page and on-page activity, we monitor their effects on the performance of your targeted web pages on search engines. Depending on that, we chart out new strategies and activities.

Step 9

Timely Reporting

At the end of each month, we provide easy-to-understand keyword ranking reports, activity reports, and traffic analysis reports. These reports give you an insight on the performance of your website on SERPs. Along with these reports, we also provide suggestions and recommendations for further improvements in the results.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you with outstanding SEO results. Call us now on 1300 78 20 23, or contact us.

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