Our Process

Our Website Design Process

While our approach is unique for each client, our web design process typically involves–

Step 1

Initial assessment

During our first interaction with you, we focus on finding out why you need a website and how it can benefit you. This helps us in defining the purpose and goals of the site. We also assess the market to get a better understanding of the user behaviour in a particular market.

Step 2

Site structure

Once the assessment is done, the initial wireframe is sketched out for the important web pages. Here, our focus is to ensure easy navigation for your users. We work on the sitemap, navigation, and outline all the technical features that need to be integrated in the design.

Step 3

Visual design

Keeping in mind our branding efforts, we integrate visual elements such as the colour scheme, images, layouts, fonts and other aspects that would make the site visually appealing.

Step 4


After the website structure and visual design are ready, we write web-friendly XHTML and CSS codes that make it functional and complete.

Step 5


No website is complete without thorough testing. Testing helps us find out the missing links and allows us to fix them on time. So before the site is deployed, quality and usability factors are examined.

Step 6


This is the most exciting part of web design. After months of hard-work, your website is ready to be presented to your target market in an impactful manner.

Step 7


Once the site is launched, we monitor its performance and perform the maintenance tasks as and when required.

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