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Sigma Infotech helps individuals and brands protect, repair and monitor their online reputation effectively.

When you are busy contemplating the growth plans for your business, there may be a disgruntled customer, a malicious competitor or a frustrated ex-employee spreading rumours about you on the web. Any negative comment or link related to you can ruin all your business plans and tarnish your reputation. At Sigma Infotech, we understand that keeping everybody associated with you and your brand isn't always possible. Our reputation management service ensures that when your name or brand name is looked up on Google, positive things appear most prominently.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management?

The rapport you share with your employees, customers, associates, competitors and the local media is based on the trust and goodwill that you build over the years. Any negligence on your part or a grudge can lead to negative reputation that can be built within minutes. One negative statement on the web can lead to a trail of criticism and blame game. These links can appear in the search result for your name or that of your brand. To prevent this from happening or to control the situation you need online reputation.

Through proactive measures, any libel and slander can be controlled before it appears in the search results. If the negative links are already showing in search, corrective measures can be applied to push back the defamatory links from the search results.

How can We Help You?

Over the years we have developed dozens of new techniques and strategies that can be applied to protect, resurrect and monitor your online reputation. We can assist you in managing your online reputation by: Pushing away negative search results

When there are negative search results showing on Google for your brand, we create social profiles, websites, blogs, articles and press releases that promote you or your brand. These promotional links and content have the potential to outrank the offending links from search results and push them down, so that no one can see them.

Monitoring everything that concerns you, your brand and your key staff members

We use a number of monitoring tools, including Google Alerts, to keep an eye on everything that appears on the search results concerning you, your brand name or that of your key staff members. Every time there is a mention on the web, we would know, and necessary measures would be applied.

Building positive relationships on social media

In times of crises, people who trust you can come to your rescue. By building strong relationships on the web, you can expect those people to vouch for your reliability when a false accusation is levied against you. On your behalf, we manage you social media presence, interact with your fans and followers, and respond to their queries on the basis of the approved response that you provide. Active participation on social media platforms can greatly support your reputation.

Applying Proactive Measures to prevent Harm in Future

A proactive approach can ensure that your brand name is seen in the best light possible. We encourage your happy clientele to speak about your services on the web, leave reviews, discuss about their experience on forums etc. On your behalf, we also encourage your clients to send in their grievances so that you can work on them before they are blown out of proportion. Through this approach, rumours, bad press results and defamation attempts can be prevented to a great extent.

Damage to your reputation can drain you financially and emotionally. When working on resurrecting your online reputation, we ensure that privacy is assured at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Reputation Management

1) Is it possible to push down negative results?

For us, it is. It’s not an easy job and requires a specific skillset that we are proud to have. We have done it successfully in the past and can do it for you as well.

2) What kind of results can be pushed down?

We target anything and everything that makes you look bad, online. We usually target negative news items, reviews, comments on forums and even blogs.

3) Does reputation management cost a fortune?

No, it doesn’t. But it’s not dirt cheap either. Rest assured we charge a reasonable price for it.

4) Is there some guarantee?

Yes, there is. We guarantee that in just 3 months*, we can get at least 5 positive assets on the first page.

5) Is a generic solution offered or an attempt is made to address individual reputation woes?

We do not believe in one size fits all. We work with you and understand the problem and develop a solution/strategy to resolve it.

*3 months from the date of commencement of project

Allow us to manage your reputation online, push down the negative results, and present you in a positive light. Get in touch or call 1300 78 20 23.

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