Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Sigma Infotech offers Social Media Marketing solutions designed to give your brand exposure and access to new customers 24x7.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer incredible marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an industry leader or a start-up, you can gain online exposure for your brand by instigating informal communications with your potential customers. At Sigma Infotech, we have a wealth of marketing talent that can place your business and the brand at the centre of the social media conversations.

How Does Social Media Help Your Business?

The significance of a social media presence for corporate success is evident by some of these latest facts –

  • Almost 70% of adult social network users shop online.
  • 53% of active adult social networkers follow a brand.
  • 44% customers were acquired via Twitter.
  • Nearly 50% of marketing campaigns run on Facebook have achieved ROI more than five times.

These are just few of the eye-opening facts that stress upon the importance of social media integration in your marketing mix. With 91% of online adults using social media regularly, it is a perfect platform for businesses to gain brand exposure and word-of-mouth endorsements – at a fraction of the cost!

Social media can be used for different purposes, such as community building, reputation management, getting customer feedback, announce new products/services or company information, and keep an eye on competitors’ activities.

Go Social with Sigma Infotech

Many marketers believe that marketing on social media is a cakewalk. You create social accounts, update some interesting posts and you have it – great following, two-way communication and brand exposure. But this is far from truth. Just like any other marketing technique, Social Media Marketing also requires a well-thought out strategic approach that is based on statistical findings and observations. Sigma Infotech is equipped with social marketers who have the expertise of finding the right channels for your campaign. They have the skills of putting a well-tailored strategy in place and forge strong relationships with existing and new clients.

Allow us to create captivating social media marketing strategies to bring you closer to your target market. Get in touch or call 1300 78 20 23.

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