Yahoo/Bing Advertising

Yahoo/Bing Advertising

Proven strategies that deliver results

We, at Sigma Infotech, help businesses advertise on the combined network of Yahoo! and Bing, as part of our pay per click advertising. We aim to provide better value to our clients through this service by engaging the consumers in a much better way.

Enhance Your Potential Reach

The combined network of Yahoo and Bing provides you the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers through its pay per click advertising platform. While Google still has the majority of market share in PPC, investing in Yahoo/Bing advertising would yield diversified traffic to your website. Relying just on Google would limit your reach and might also prove to be risky. The reach of Yahoo and Bing is expansive and if you are not advertising on this platform, you are losing out thousands of potential sales. Our pay per click advertising experts are well-versed with the ranking algorithm of Yahoo and Bing and can get you premium placement on these search engines at no extra cost.

Yahoo/Bing advertising has all the features of pay per click campaign such as quick results, cost-effective (you pay for results) and lesser efforts than organic search engine optimisation.

How We Do It?

Sigma Infotech is renowned for providing complete PPC solutions. Yahoo/Bing advertising is one such service that we specialise in. Our recipe for a successful Yahoo/Bing advertising campaign is simple and effective.

  • Tailor-made ads

    We understand the uniqueness of your business and so we create customised ads with highly effective keywords so you can reach your target audience effectively.
  • Expert account manager

    We assign an account manager to each of our Yahoo/Bing advertising campaign, who focuses on managing your ad and extracting results.
  • Daily reporting

    Our dedicated efforts ensure that every day you get positive results. Our PPC team will be responsible to report all the statistics regarding your business on a daily basis.
  • Conversion tracking

    Our services also include report on your conversion rate. This will help you keep a track on your progress and that of the ad campaign.
Contact us and explore the advertising opportunities for your business on Yahoo and Bing.

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